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In India, iPhone factory workers allege non-payment of wages, vandalize plant

In India, iPhone factory workers allege non-payment of wages, vandalize plant

Thousands of workers went on a rampage at an iPhone factory in Narsapura, near India’s southern city of Bangalore, while demanding unpaid wages and better hours from Apple’s Taiwanese supplier Wistron. They vandalized property and set a car on fire. The workers claimed they haven’t been fully paid for months and are being forced to do extra shifts. Police said they arrested about 100 of them.

Chance 1 months

Wish they would have done about 8 timea more damage. Any big hit to major corporations would tickle me pink, petty as it may seem. There's no reason these massive companies should stay open with minimal restrictions while small business owners are forced to shutdown, putting their entire livelihood at risk. Where's our stimulus? Neither party can get over themselves long enough to help the people, while supposedly being in office FOR THE PEOPLE. Why are we so quiet? Why are those of us using our voices using them to further a fictional divide and fuel so much hate? My friends, left and right, our melting pot has reached boiling and is quickly approaching the point of spilling over.

Doug 1 months

Surprised Apple isn't policing better. This is a poor reflection on their brand; their partner making them look bad.

Adam 1 months

Hell yeah!

Barry 1 months

Apple forgot that they moved to India? India don't take it like China do

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

They were tolerating it, but then one of them said, "Think different".

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