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Developers of Cyberpunk 2077 offer refunds

Developers of Cyberpunk 2077 offer refunds

An apology has been made by the developers of the science fiction epic, Cyberpunk 2077, for the state of the game during launch. Refunds have also been offered by CD Projekt Red, after the biggest launch of the year was marked by bugs and was released in a barely finished state for owners of current-generation consoles like the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Rose 1 months

I'd say this is typical of 70% of the games I've tried lately. They seem to rush things out before they have fixed all the bugs. I understand the need to rush and be profitable, but if you develop bad games, you won't make any money.

Matt 1 months

This is why PC is the best only minor bugs and a single crash so far and the performance is fine for me just like with arkham knight

Michael 1 months

Yeah, for $60 on Steam this thing was waaaay to buggy for comfort. Immersion breaking bugs too.

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