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US nearing approval of Moderna vaccine

US nearing approval of Moderna vaccine

As the United States ramps up its vaccination program, the country is close to approving its second COVID-19 jab for use. The Food and Drug Administration, which is America’s regulatory authority, said that an early analysis of the Moderna vaccine confirmed its 95 percent efficacy. The FDA staff then also endorsed the Moderna vaccine as ’safe and effective, on Tuesday.

Donald 1 months

🤢🤢🤢🤢💀💀💀💀 ew

Ilya Yakymenko
Ilya Yakymenko 1 months

Somebody almost failed their Plague Inc. game

Foshizzle 1 months

Ummm, the Pfizer vaccine is not approved. Read it for yourself on THEIR fact sheet, second paragraph...

Matt 1 months

US government nearing not suc*ing a** and doing a good job.

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