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Utah college to remove ’Dixie’ from name

Utah college to remove ’Dixie’ from name

The board of trustees of the Dixie State University, a University based in Utah, voted on Monday to remove ’Dixie’ from the school’s name over concerns to its ties to the Confederacy and slavery. A study conducted by a Salt Lake City management consulting firm indicated that some employers across states were troubled by the school’s name when it appeared on graduates’ résumés.

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 1 months

That’s like Lady Antebellum changing its name to Lady A. The word antebellum is just Latin for “before the war.” The word itself carries no connotation aside from describing a place before it engages in warfare. Antebellum South doesn’t even mean anything other than “South before the war.” People really try too hard to accomplish an amazing amount of nothing.

Matt 1 months

Racism solved. Gee, thanks!

Mike 1 months

Well I'm sure that'll fix everything

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