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Hungary amends constitution to redefine family, limits gay adoption

Hungary amends constitution to redefine family, limits gay adoption

Hungary amended the definition of family in its constitution to allow a ban on adoption by same-sex couples. The amendment defines family as ’based on marriage and the parent-child relation. The mother is a woman, the father a man.’ Rights groups denounced the changes, with the Director of Amnesty Hungary calling it a ’dark day for Hungary’s LGBTQ community and a dark day for human rights.’

David8029 2 months

I have no issues with a gay couple adopting. Unless we have legitimate scientific evidence stating that they are unfit to parent, I see no reason to limit their ability to adopt as long as the adoption agency is fine with it. Adoption is not a human right at all, though.

Miranda 2 months

Disgusting. Family is whatever the person in the family chooses to define it as. Be it an LGBT couple with a child, people who are dating, single parent households, or even close friends. We do not have the moral right to define what family “should” mean for other people. Family is about love. That’s it

Nomad 2 months

Unfortunate and sad. Just taking a step backwards. Can't chose to enforce this

joseph_uke 2 months

Gay people literally aren’t doing anything wrong for people to take away their rights. With this the amount of kids adopted will decrease as will.

Haven Mallow
Haven Mallow 2 months

I support the LGBT+ community and this is a really sad step backwards. But even if I didn't this would be horrible. The extent of government control over individuals freedoms to have a family is disgusting, and I cannot believe that it is being praised by people who supposedly support individual freedom.

Dániel 2 months

This is politics. What I find sad, is that enough people are thinking in such a way, that this Idea can get traction. If everyone considered it natural, that anyone can form a family, politicians would not pass such policies. Same thing is happening in "progressive" nations, just from the other side. Politicians handle each minority separately even when they could all be protected by one law, that is general enough to be future proof. They do this, because some went waaay too woke and are easy votes. Infinite amount of genders pose infinite amount of minorities to be argued over with the (radical) right... People should respect each other and care less about what others do. Would avoid so much conflict.

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