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Australia to ask WTO arbitration on its trade dispute with China

Australia to ask WTO arbitration on its trade dispute with China

Australia’s trade minister said Canberra is bringing in the World Trade Organization to resolve its trade dispute with Beijing. This comes after Australia’s attempts to privately resolve the issue with China failed. In June, China imposed a 80% tariff on Australian barley, alleging the former was ’dumping.’ The two countries are currently in a diplomatic and trade standoff over a range of issues.

Argaveus 2 months

It's funny that they accuse Australia of 'dumping' but they themselves are internationally renowned for filling the market with their shltty products

Doug 2 months

China has never abided by WTO rulings in the past so what makes Australia think that China will change now?

Nik 2 months

Like the united nations would be negative about china. This is proof about haw fast the chinese get but hurt in international diplomacy

Change Matters
Change Matters 2 months

Australia should figure out something else to do with their resources. The CCP needs to be held to account for their corruption on a world stage and their own people are best suited for that. If people stop trading with them they will have a catastrophe on their hands.

Kubi 2 months

Wish the best of luck to the aussies. However the sad reality is that China controlls the WTO, WHO, and UN. But hopefully id be proven wrong.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 2 months

Australia n Japan are left alone to tackle the Chinese Empire now that Biden is set to seat. Blame it on the leftist California's New Yorkers n Dems if the world turns Dark as Chinese Joe forbode and Red under the Chinese Empire. HAIL EMPEROR XI. Freedom loving people will never forget the treacherous left and deep state Republicans.

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