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McConnell urges Senate Republicans against challenging election results

McConnell urges Senate Republicans against challenging election results

According to reports, Senate Majority Leader McConnell urged Republican senators during a private caucus call not to object to the election results on Jan. 6. McConnell allegedly said it would be a ’terrible vote’ for the caucus because opposing an objection to the results would create the appearance of voting against President Trump. None of the senators on the call pushed back on the request.

Mozgus 1 months

Republicans are so completely useless. The only people more embarrassing are the people who think Republicans are a threat to their goals. Imagine living your life, being angry at these meat sacks, as if they are your villain. As if they have ever stood in your way. All they do is curl up in the fetal position.

E n
E n 1 months

Wow, I'm on Mitch McConnells side on something. 2020 has been a weird freakin' year.

Luke Duke
Luke Duke 1 months

Election fraud was rampant. If this election is not challenged and exposed, you will never have a legitimate election in this country again. And your media, including this formerly good news app, is lying to you.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 months

“I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden,” McConnell said as he opened the Senate. Careful, Mitch, the death threats are going to start rolling in from your own supporters—kiss the ring or die!

tim 1 months

Republicans are us less and the Democrats talk out of their ass.

Adam 1 months

Hes trying to assert his power over Trump now. This is a definite power move and I sincerely hope this terrible pile of trash does literally get strung up by synchophantic Trump supporters. That would truly be karma.

Rocky 1 months

No Mitch. You need to face the evidence. It's too overwhelming to ignore. The people already know. Half the country doesn't trust the elections anymore. 7 states sent alternate electors for a reason. Do the right thing! Right now with the dueling electors Biden only has 227 ec votes with Trump at 232. Just follow the constitution on this one Mitch. We have processes in place for elections that have questionable results like this. 1 house rep from each state needs to cast their vote.

Garthak 1 months

Old Republicans were happier than any democrat that bidan was announced as the winner. They hate Trump, how dare he do things for the people. Establishment wins again.

Jon 1 months

He's worried about losing control of the Senate. He doesn't actually give two F s about any of you.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

GOP: "we lost" The People: "lost what? The election?" GOP: "Our backbones."

steve 1 months

Amazing that some simpletons are willing to follow this failed reality TV star into the abyss.

Chris 2 months

Finally. Good at least some sense prevailing

Doug 2 months

The senators didn't push back because GOP congressmen are notoriously spineless.

Lac 1 months

I am neither Dem nor Repub but after reading some of these replies, I need to become a Repub so I can make a crap load of money off of you all like Candace, Tucker, pirro and others, because you all will believe anything, even if it makes absolutely no sense. So let me start now on my journey to being a Repub. Joe biden was on his way to losing California before I saw the Democrats push this button under the table at 300 of the voting sites and AG Barr has the proof because Obama promised Barr a cabinet position. Trump won California!

Trevelyn 1 months

McConell is a yellow belly coward .He wants to sweep the dirt under the rug .What's in it for him ?.

Barry 1 months

Now you're going to see #cancelmitch change sides

Aleks 1 months

Dear Trumpians, you are right election are fraudulent, there is no point in you guys participating, please save us all the troubles and stay home... but please shut up already!

John W
John W 1 months

Kamala Harris, Lindsey Graham fist-bump on Senate floor

Stewart 1 months

Mitch is a Snake in the grass.. He only cares about 3 things... me,myself and I

Skot 1 months

Plus, I prefer Biden... -Love, Mitch

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