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EU announces rules that could force breakups and hefty fines for Big Tech

EU announces rules that could force breakups and hefty fines for Big Tech

The European Commission presented two new pieces of legislation Tuesday that will affect how Big Tech operates. Among the proposals of the Digital Markets Act is putting an end to self-preferencing, giving smaller app developers an equal chance of being found by consumers. Other changes include allowing users to uninstall apps that have originally come with their devices.

Max 2 months

These tech giants aren't necessary. There was once a time when we thought that companies like Carnegie Steel and Standard Oil were necessary--how could we rely on cheap oil and steel without monopolies and oligopolies controlling the markets?? But the government clapped the corporate overlords back then, and we still have good options for fueling our cars and building our structures. The government will clap the likes of facebook, amazon and Google, and alternatives that aren't so predatory but are just as consumer friendly will become viable. We do not need big tech. They need us.

David 2 months

The only thing I disagree with is.: “could be forced to sell parts of their business if they continue to break the rules.” Government should not have shares of a private company for obvious reasons, including abuse of power, conflict of interest, steering companies to own political agenda, enforcing certain political policies and not others, etc.. I do not want governments to have a seat at the table when it comes to making business decisions. Any government involved business will be under intense scrutiny like Huawei.

Doug 1 months

Its good that the EU is moving in this direction because the US is just going to sit on their hands.

James 2 months

One can only wonder how 'government' would cope if Microsoft rescinded their licensing for Windows and MSOffice.

170K 2 months

I've seen many stories over the years saying how they are going to hold big tech responsible for the damage they do and nothing happens and this just looks like another one.

ian 1 months

The good Old fourth reich at it again.

Nunya 1 months

I thought the EU was all in favour of mass surveillance and censorship?

David 2 months

Good luck. We all answer to big tech.

Indo 1 months

Now that we know our past flaws, can we not throw caution to the wind and rush back into our old Wiley ways !?

CowGoesMoo 1 months

This is great news for those living in the EU!

jane 1 months

sounds like turning public platforms into edited outlets and demanding censorship, but with extra steps.

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