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House GOP members send letter to Pelosi urging Swalwell’s removal

House GOP members send letter to Pelosi urging Swalwell’s removal

A group of GOP House members sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi urging her to remove Rep. Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee. This follows a report that Swalwell had been targeted by a suspected Chinese intelligence operative as part of a broader effort to establish ties with US politicians. Reps who signed the letter include Steve Scalise, Jim Banks, Chip Roy, Liz Cheney and Paul Gosar.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Lol clown world. Swalwell made hanky panky with a Chinese spy and we're just supposed to ignore it. Feinstein had a Chinese spy as a driver and we're supposed to ignore it. If you can only see one mouse, it's likely there are five more that you can't see. Swalwell still being on a committee doesn't bother me, he cut off contact with the honeypot in 2015, it's just how a large part of our leadership is not being disquieted by this. "Honey, I found a large wasp nest in our house," the wife said. "It's fine, just leave it," the disinterested husband suggested.

IIzard 1 months

All the commies attacking republicans instead of... Agreeing that foreign influence is bad.

Jo'El 1 months

Coming from seditionist that’s a crock!

Steve 1 months

Pot calling the kettle black!?

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