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DoE rolls back showerhead efficiency standards after Trump complaints

DoE rolls back showerhead efficiency standards after Trump complaints

The US Energy Department rolled back rules easing energy standards on consumer fixtures and appliances, including one on showerheads after President Donald Trump said some showers didn’t rinse his hair well. It also exempted some washers and dryers from earlier standards. It is a part of Trump’s efforts to roll back rules that limit consumption of energy much to the chagrin of the green activists.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Sir, you are trying to buy a rapid flow faucet. No, you cannot purchase this particular faucet. The federal government has decided that citizens may not consume more than 1 gallon per hour of water through their faucet, and you have not presented a waiver for that restriction, so no, you cannot possess this illegal-for-you faucet. The gentleman behind you belongs to the Democrat party so he has a waiver and he can have a still-illegal-for-you faucet.

Jeffff 1 months

Lmao thats cuz showerheads aren't designed to work on mink hairpieces

IvoryDove 1 months

The 8 million people in California who are in the country illegally use old - school faucets and laugh at the 5tup1d gringos.

Forsaken 1 months

can't get the orange out?

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