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Texas man killed by police was shot in the back

Texas man killed by police was shot in the back

A Texas man killed by police last week was shot in the back, according to an autopsy commissioned by the man’s family. Joshua Feast, 22, died after he was shot by La Marque police Officer Jose Santos. A civil rights attorney, representing Feast’s family, said the autopsy align with statements from witnesses who said Feast was running away from police when he was shot. Santos is on paid leave.

WWIII 1 months

I live nearby La Marque Texas in Galveston county. This is a predominantly black community with above average crime rates. I personally know several police officers who have to take their license plates off of their cars and take alternate routes to get home as they’re being followed because these thugs want to retaliate. During their breaks police officers have to go to nearby cities becuase they’re ridiculed and have had food spit in and even worse. The problem is when these officers have a confrontation for any reason they are treated with complete disrespect and hostility. These young blacks have no respect for anyone including each other and especially the police. There are shootings here on a weekly basis and the night this guy was shot it was near midnight and of course he was being combative and he had a gun, the police were investigating reports of gunshots in the area and this guy fit the description so the police had a lawful right to stop and investigate this man. All he had to do was follow lawful orders and he’d be alive today. It’s sad that the arrogance of these people cost them there lives and what’s worse is groups like BLM support and encourage this behavior and then people like George Floyd’s brother shows up Saturday with BLM for a protest that thankfully was peaceful to my knowledge.

Foy 1 months

If you've given police reason to believe you are a danger as you run away they can legally shoot you in the back as you run. The cop will likely have any charges dropped.

William Sevier
William Sevier 1 months

Imagine being given a paid vacation for murdering an innocent civilian in cold blood. Blue Bloods looking alot like a criminal gang protecting their own without any regard for the public they have sworn an oath to protect

Laura 1 months

Didn't you see they were down on the executions? Has to be made up somewhere.

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