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Los Angeles in ’explosive’ Covid surge, virus killing two every hour in county

Los Angeles in ’explosive’ Covid surge, virus killing two every hour in county

California is setting daily records in the number of new coronavirus cases and fatalities related to the disease. Latest stats show two people are dying of Covid-19 every hour in Los Angeles county. Currently, residents are under a stay-at-home order. However, this is seemingly failing as new cases rise. The health chief of the county, Barbara Ferrer, termed the surge as ’explosive’ and ’deadly.’

coughdrop1989 1 months

Wait the mainstream news wants me to believe that only republican states are affected because they vote for Trump so they most likely dont wear masks. Never knew california was Republican.

Lame Name
Lame Name 1 months

It doesn't have anything to do with having everyone cooped up for months. Let people out to be more normal. Outside is supposed to be less dangerous than inside and Cali has some of the best westher in the country. The chicken little approah hasn't worked so try a different approach.

David 1 months

Its funny how the so called Red states seems to be a little less stringent with their covid protocols and the so called blue states are in lockdown or have the strongest protocols yet those blue states seems to have the highest rates over the last month or so. Maybe locking people down, closing businesses isn't the answer. Maybe yall should look at those red states and ask why those states seem to be fairing better than the blue ones. 5 of the top 6 states in covid deaths per 100k people are NY, NJ, Mass, CT, RI, all blue states. Cal is in the top 10 as well. PA just outside.

Tachyon 1 months

So once again, the places with the strictest lockdown measures have the worst outcomes. Gee it's almost like these measures are complete BS or something!

Rose 1 months

I'm constantly amazed at how humans lack common sense. Being safe from a virus has nothing to do with politics, but it does have something in common with having survival instincts. If you don't know what's coming, you can't protect yourself. And humanity tends to not believe in things until it's too late, at the same time they believe false prophets decrying "But the Dems!."

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 1 months

It wouldn't have anything to do with most of the masks people wear are not N95 rated would it? Or the masks they wear have already been overused and are no longer effective?

Pj 1 months

The virus has went thru my whole house, me last, it took over a week of me constantly interacting with them before i got it. i did not care if i got it if they did because i know the virus is weak. And it has prooven itsself to be weak 4 of the 5 leople in my house was high risk and there was no serious symptoms., and no we are not lucky only the people at highest risk die from this.

Michael 1 months

People just can’t think logically. LA county has twice as many people in it as the next most populated county in America. Yes it’s bad and deadly, but dear lord, it could be so much worse than just 2 people dying an hour in a county of 10 million. So many of y’all in the comments act like this means masks don’t work etc. you’re STUP!D!

BlueGrover 1 months

@Tachyon, here’s an idea.... maybe the places with the highest rate establish lockdowns BECAUSE of the high number of infections. Oh, but but that doesn’t fit the propaganda your repeating.

Doug 1 months

Hmmmm. Just a guess but maybe all those tent cities, piles of human waste, and used drug paraphenalia all over the sidewalks aren't an effective means to keep the virus from spreading?

Marc 1 months

Wish we could trust your word on those numbers, LA.... but your integrity is lacking credibility

Randall 1 months

Could it be that people all over the US just wanted to go visit with relatives in LA during Thanksgiving because the weather is so nice there. Now they're paying for everyone else's freedom. We're going to do the same thing for Christmas funerals and party at New Year's for February funerals. That's the price of freedom.

Rich 1 months

Take the masks off and let nature decide who lives and who dies. Darwin was right!

IIzard 1 months

They voted democrat.

BlueGrover 1 months

@PJ , how far back do you and the virus go? There are a lot of people -several I know— who are healthy, had it still now have ongoing issues with breathing and mental problems from the virus. Are you sure this hasn’t happened to you?

BlueGrover 1 months

@Joseph C. Tell me why you think it’s OK for people in LA to die?

Matt H.
Matt H. 1 months

Just because a state is blue doesn't mean that there arent millions of Republicans living in it. Look at the presidential election in the big cities. This works visa versa for red states too.

Frank 1 months

Wonder if it's their way of getting rid of the homeless population??

Donald 1 months

5g on

Dan 1 months

Take the masks off dummies.

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