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Dashcam footage shows Kansas deputy purposely ran over black man

Dashcam footage shows Kansas deputy purposely ran over black man

A Kansas sheriff’s deputy mowed down a black man, who was running shirtless across a field in darkness after fleeing a traffic stop, with his patrol vehicle, a shocking dashcam video showed. It was revealed after the victim, Lionel Womack, filed an ’excessive force’ lawsuit alleging he was severely injured when the deputy, Jeremy Rodriguez, intentionally drove over him in August.

Mutatis 1 months

"No one has explained why Rodriguez chose to run Womack down. The deputy’s race is unclear." Just the press being race hustlers. In all likelihood, the cop was just being lazy and did not feel like chasing the guy down on foot.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 months

Is anyone else sick of this divisive bombshell journalism? It’s not doing anyone any favors and it is only radicalizing and dividing our people in a time where we need unity more than ever. This place used to be a forum where people could just chat about stuff, spread ideas. It’s become a festering abomination with people changing the party lines and trying to instigate flaring emotions. Fuck the toxic tribalists on this app. I’m not a banner. I’m a man. Don’t refer to me as a “Trumper” or a “Conservative.” You know who I’m talking to. Certain individuals have come onto this app and brought nothing but toxicity and venom because that’s exactly what they are: Toxic and venomous.

James 1 months

If he wouldn't have ran..blah blah blah!

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