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Iran building at its underground Fordo nuclear site: AP

Iran building at its underground Fordo nuclear site: AP

According to reports, satellite photos show Iran building at its underground Fordo nuclear site. The country has not publicly acknowledged any new construction at Fordo. While the purpose of the building remains unclear, any work at the site is likely to raise concerns. The International Atomic Energy Agency, whose inspectors are in Iran as part of a deal, have not commented on the matter.

C 1 months

Oh no we care about global warming! this is just for energy purposes even though we sit atop the largest oil reserves in the world. We're not "terrorists" we just have evil plans to destroy other nations and peoples and use violence to achieve our goals. Now if you believe that, I'll sell you the Brooklyn bridge

Doug 1 months

So? The facility can withstand a conventional, and maybe a nuclear attack, but the rest of the nation can't.

Aide 1 months

“According to reports.....” . Sounding like the BS about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

Rich 1 months

Turn Iran to glass!

Randall 1 months

The sooner they arm themselves the sooner we can stop phuqing with that hornets nest.

IIzard 1 months

Bunker busters were made for this

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