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US cuts off China’s biggest chipmaker SMIC from its tech industry

US cuts off China’s biggest chipmaker SMIC from its tech industry

The US Department of Commerce has added dozens of Chinese companies to its ’Entity List,’ including the Asian giant’s top chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). The move will now restrict SMIC from buying key components from US suppliers as US exporters will be now required to apply for a license to sell to the Chinese firm. This will rest on a political decision.

IvoryDove 1 months

Socialism leads to communism. Communism leads to death camps. You can't bribe an honest person, so the Democrats depend on the jealousy, greed and laziness of their electorate to gradually win the power to dominate, then they dominate.

C 1 months

Please, we will be nice! We would never install things in these chips to take control of everything. Just like we would never steal technology to make the chips in the first place, or Force companies to give us this technology to access our market. Communism is the biggest scam ever, all the power to a select few. After generations cronyism sets in, all the wealth has been transferred to government officials because all companies have already been transferred to the state. all this under the guise of "let's take rich people's money and give it to you" but you get nothing. Only endless suffering. No economy makes enough money to support all the ideas, therefore it can never be implemented and create any opportunities for its citizens, it's an impossibility, a fantasy. and as seen over and over and over again just ends up bad. If we take every single billionaires Dollar in America, all of it. Everyone with assets of one billion and over, take all their money and divide it equally to all Americans, it's only $11,000 each. This liberal pipe dream can't happen.

Alynne 1 months

It is comforting to read this but only so much until biden/harris gets in the white house than this country is screwed!!

Arthur 1 months

Free the world of the ccps tyrannical rule, eliminate the ccp!

John 1 months


RandomUser 1 months

Beijing Biden will undo this thing.

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