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SCOTUS Removes Capacity Restrictions for Colorado Church

SCOTUS Removes Capacity Restrictions for Colorado Church

SCOTUS ruled in favor of a rural Colorado church which had sought to challenge capacity limits instituted by the state’s Democratic Gov. Jared Polis. The top court, in a brief unsigned order, overturned lower court rulings that had refused to block the restrictions, which limited attendance at some churches in high-risk areas. High Plains Harvest Church wanted to have the restrictions blocked.

Tom A
Tom A
J 1 months

It's about time SCOTUS stepped up and actually read the Bill of Rights now that the liberal sherpa died.

James G.
James G. 1 months

TL;DR for all of these SCOTUS cases on COVID church restrictions: numerical limits are unconstitutional, percentile limits (in line with similar non-secular industries) is constitutional.

Randall 1 months

Just a little prayer and the virus will not enter a church. And a message to Santa Claus will bring me everything I want for Christmas! Apparently, nobody has ever prayed for peace on Earth or to feed starving children because God just keeps letting evil everywhere every day. Perhaps it's God's plan to let the US military bomb all those evil starving children to hell. That'll take care of the problem.

IvoryDove 1 months

Hello Gavin.... Read this article.

bobby_5150 1 months

Now Colorado churches have the same rights as BLM protests.

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