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SCOTUS throws out census case on undocumented immigrants as ’premature’

SCOTUS throws out census case on undocumented immigrants as ’premature’

The SCOTUS on Friday, by a vote of 6-3, said an effort to block President Trump from excluding undocumented immigrants from a key Census count was ’premature.’ The court said the challengers, a coalition of states, led by NY, and immigrant rights groups, did not have the legal injury to bring the case yet. The ruling allows the admin to move forward but leaves the matter open to future challenges.

Alex 1 months

I feel like the legistlative and executive branches of US government are really easy to understand and follow most of the time, but whenever the judiciary does something then it's like "Hm, I can either spend hours upon hours reviewing the context, details and legal matters of this case or just trust that the court made the right call." It's hard to really form an opinion on these things.

Michele 1 months

The headline is misleading. Trump did not really win anything. The court postponed the challenge based on the possibility that Trump would not be successful in his attempt to leave immigrants out of the census.

Salvador 1 months

Ah yes, let’s attack poor migrants who’ve fled war -torn countries (all because of the War on Drugs and the failed US policies in fighting the Cold War in South America) and not go after racists in power who don’t mind bending the rules to their whim by giving Wall Street bailout money, continue to create more illegal wars, and fat Right wing Americans who are the biggest privileged snowflakes in the world.

Sigfried 1 months

Procedure giveth [Texas Lawsuit over 4 states violating election code] and procedure taketh away [this....duh].

JustMy.02 1 months

Weak..... It’s not the Trump won anything, the other side just failed to show where they had any business bringing this suit in the first place. They won’t make the same mistake next time. FYI,... Amicus Curiae filing won’t get it done either.

godhillie 1 months

Dont understand illegal immigration argument...Either kick em out or make them citizens...What is this in-between crap?

michael 1 months

The injury is obvious, the census determines resources, and forcing people to answer citizenship means they won't get counted. This doesn't just effect the electoral college (which should be abolished) and house representation, but the raw resources with which we run this country. Imagine planning your city's water consumption, but because you didn't count the legal immigrants who aren't full citizens, your city is now dying of thirst or spending huge amounts of money on emergency relief. I can't believe this is not considered damaging.

Matt 1 months

What I find really intriguing is why this debate actually exists in the US. Surely illegal immigrants should be returned to their home country, and if they wish to live in the US they apply for entrance through legal means. But definitely do not treat them as citizens as they are not.

IIzard 1 months

And suddenly leftists understand that throwing out one part suit is not ruling on the merits of the claims. Amazing isn't it?

Michael 1 months

I was an enumerator for the Census in Missouri. This is slightly off topic, but still has merit as relatable content. After my immediate area was finished being enumerated, often times we were sent to different towns and counties to help out. This is rural Missouri, mind you, so I'm talking two hour drives to go enumerate areas. They were a good distance away at times. Luckily, I made the cut for long term operations, as most of the enumerator in my area were released due to "lack of work". Except there was a problem. There was an entire county that hadn't been counted. I'm not exaggerating; my supervisor told me the area had only about 3% of its cases finished at this time. So they started sending just me out there. This was an hour drive out to get to, and there was virtually no cell service after 15 minutes into the drive. There were times I had to drive 45 minutes to get back into my work phone so I could continue attempting cases. I was the only ones out there for around two weeks. After this time had passed, this was when the census was almost shut down early. And the government was ready to have that county closed out at around 6% of its cases finished (I know it sounds like I was slacking, but there was a lot of drive time, a lot of cell phone issues, and a lot of uncooperative civilians. It has very hard to get interviews with anyone.) It was only after the census was extended through October that the high brass decided to bring people in from out of state. They brought in close to seven enumerator to finish that county out. I'm sure this didn't just happen with me. I'm sure it happened elsewhere as well. I'm not taking political sides, but I bet this happened at some places intentionally to try and suppress funding and power of areas. This area was more left leaning in an area that is nothing but red. Make of it what you will.

Michael 1 months

There goes the Constitution 👋🏻 forget that part about counting every person who resides in America. At least there probably will be another census because of the pandemic anyway.

joseph_uke 1 months

let me guess Coathanger Barret, Gorsuckass, Kavanasty, Ratty Ass Roberts, Toe Nail Thomas, and Alopecia Alito voted in favor of Trump. Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan 🙏🙏🙏

Be Grateful
Be Grateful 1 months

I wonder how many illegal immigrants actually filled out the census to begin with.

Randall 1 months

The census is supposed to be a count of all the people regardless of if they belong there or not. Just because they're "undocumented" doesn't mean they're not there. We still require an accurate count of the number of human beings in a given area at a given time. Looking at it another way, if we don't count undocumented immigrants, then it will look as if none exist in the USA. So why would Trump need a Wall to keep them out if there are none?

Jon 1 months

I look forward to the States explaining how they were harmed.

Jon 1 months

The constitution is pretty clear. If you are a strict constitutionalist like Republicans always claim to be then explain what "ALL PERSONS" means. It doesn't say all persons EXCEPT these people. Hypocrites.

Celeo 1 months


Csaba 1 months


Franklin 1 months

Worthless! All 6!

Alex 1 months

Wait... So we’re gonna count people but exclude counting some people?

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