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Trump signs into law stopgap funding bill to avoid government shutdown

Trump signs into law stopgap funding bill to avoid government shutdown

President Trump signed a two-day government funding bill into law Friday as Congress buys time to strike a spending and COVID-19 relief deal. The stopgap measure would fund federal operations through Sunday until 12:01 a.m. ET Monday morning. Lawmakers are negotiating a $900B pandemic aid bill as part of $1.4T government spending package.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 1 months

Just let the government declare bankruptcy already! I'd rather suffer the consequences now at $2# Trillion in debt and $12# Trillion in Unfunded Liabilities than wait until $50 trillion in Debt and $300 Trillion in Unfunded Liabilities! The writing is on the wall that the US Congress has zero intent to pay off the debt. They'll just keep raising it as high as they can, then let those holding the debt use it as a bargaining piece against the American people, blackmailing us with the threat of a "Great Depression X1000" to force their agenda. Since they're already holding my generation, and my kids generations hostage, I'd rather be the one to pull the trigger while they're using a 9mm of debt, before it gets to the point of a depleted uranium 50-cal. ... Either that, or we could protest and revolt, and pay off the debt and add a "Balanced Budget Amendment" like rational people and avoid the whole mess... but Congress won't let that happen it seems.

Jon 1 months

How pathetic is it that rather than just having an annualized budget, our two great political parties fight and squabble over even whether or not to keep the doors open for a few days or weeks at a time?

Garthak 1 months

Time for the bi yearly ceiling hike on our budget huh? Just get rid of the ceiling, it is literally useless if everytime we hit it you guys just raise it.

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