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Pompeo says Russia ’clearly’ behind cyberattack on US

Pompeo says Russia ’clearly’ behind cyberattack on US

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said Russia was ’pretty clearly’ behind the cyberattack against the US. This is the first administration official to publicly link Russia to the intrusion. 18,000 organizations were infected from March to June by malicious code that piggybacked on software from Texas based company SolarWinds. Russia has said it had ’nothing to do’ with the hacking.

Bart 1 months

Russia clearly behind the attack! Just forget that not few weeks ago we had news that most of the politicians and government agencies are in fact infiltrated by China. Roll over and go to sleep America.

IvoryDove 1 months

Global corporations, unions and PACs are infiltrated by foreign investors and interests. They are forced by these foreign countries to persuade our political system or lose access to their markets. Then, thanks to John Roberts and #CitizensUnited, they dump buttloads of money into our elections. The solution is to limit donations to the registered voters in the district of the candidate. Limit donations to $5000 per race.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

I'm actually kind of surprised that trump just didn't hand over the US to Putin. But I guess you don't wanna make it too obvious.

White mana matters
White mana matters 1 months

Friendly reminder: Snowden revealed that US intelligence has software that can make hacking appear from any source they choose.

Dragon's Roar
Dragon's Roar 1 months

Where's the evidence? They quickly want to blame russia especially looking at the shit Hillary wanted to do would've sent us to war with russia Seems like these politicians want to start a war with russia

Reason 1 months

Trump staying mum perhaps so he can find safe haven in Russia after he loses his presidential immunity.

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 1 months

"No, no way, it couldn't have been, couldn't just wouldn't do it, Russians are not like that, why don't you try looking them in the eye again". Next time you see someone saying how much they like Russia punch them in the nose, do us all the favor! We must get Russians out of Ukraine out of Syria and especially out of the Central African republic. We must also demand that multinational companies like Reebok and Adidas pick up their assets and leave Russia! And we also must demand it internet companies like Google and YouTube stop hosting the regional offices for moderators in Russia. Those offices are infiltrated by Russian intelligence personnel to advance their agenda. I must admit however that using the word INTELLIGENCE, in this context, might be an oxymoron.

Unity.Nat 1 months

My question is. If we allow such things to go unpunished the attacks will continue.

Aleks 1 months

Russia has been a destabilizing force in Europe now for 20 years. Basically since Poutin came to power. Invaded Georgia and Ukraine and financed both right wing and left wing extremists all over the EU to make Europe weaker. They are a threat to the entire world. Trump in the White House was yet another great weapon for them to have. They know how to manipulate him into doing their bidding. Thank goodness he is soon gone

Howard 1 months

That's it Pompeo is the deep state he is trying to undermine the president!!! (WHO WILL WIN ON JAN 6TH!) Maga 2020 trump train whooo whoo! At least im sure that's going through the mind of some of Trumps cultists. Seriously though it was Russia and it's really weird that DJT is standing up for them, but if you think the US isn't in Russia's systems and has covered that country with spies you are deluded.

Dorien 1 months

Oh oh, another one going to leave the White House before Trump leaves. Of course Russia is behind the hack. But Trump protects his boss Putin and says China is behind the hack. And believe me, that’s what he, in his delusional mind, really believes. The 25th should be applied by now. But McConnell is also paid with Russian money. So....

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

Normally, this would be an act of war. Since tramp works for poo tin, things are different. He can't very well bite the crank that "feeds him." January 20th can't come soon enuf!

Indo 1 months

Obviously they are the capable ones. But are they the culpable ones !? Go figure, bub.

Alex 1 months

Normally one would wait for evidence before launching accusations around.... But these are strange times indeed. Anyways I would not believe in anything said by the guy that openly brags about how the CIA lies, cheats, and steals....🙄

Montgomery 1 months

When reviewing the attacks by foreign nationals. Let's not forget the Australia and New Zealand delemma. China is getting better at manipulation and Russia might also.... but is it a distraction? I'm worried about China owning America media in shares. And hence owning the media in 3d chess

MyVoice 1 months

And Trump will stay silent against Russia.

V!!!!! 1 months

Damn commies. They think they are cute

Hector 1 months

I want to know what we aren't crippling Russia's networks.

Down goes Frazier
Down goes Frazier 1 months

I think I read that the Russian hackers are living rent-free in the Trump Tower.

Darth Tantrum
Darth Tantrum 1 months

Russia? lol why? What does Russia gain?

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