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Apple puts supplier Wistron on notice after Indian factory violence

Apple puts supplier Wistron on notice after Indian factory violence

Apple placed contract manufacturer Wistron on probation, a move that would not give the Taiwanese firm new business until it took corrective actions following lapses at its southern India plant. An investigation has revealed that Wistron failed to implement proper working hour management processes, which ’led to payment delays for some workers in October and November’. Protests followed the same.

Howard 1 months

Oooh, probation such decisive substantive action. What about the how much business you are doing with China. You know the country with forced labor concentration camps?

92cooks 1 months

And still nothing to punish the modern day nazis in china keeping Muslims in camps and being used essentially as slave labor. Thanks Apple 😁

Bye, Bye Games
Bye, Bye Games 1 months

What I find funny is how many libs won't even post on something like this, because "But muh private platform" nonsense. Stop enabling these damn companies, and develop some real morals, refuse to do business with them and they will have to change or go bankrupt. Don't let your vanity dictate what you buy and take the moral high ground you all love to tout so much.

Doug 1 months

What gives? Crapple never cared about workers rights when they were jumping to their deaths in China from being overworked and underpaid. Or is this about more about the CCP getting a free pass and the Taiwan government doesn't?

Alan 1 months

Apple should sack the company for treating it's workers like slaves. But then that's apples whole business model, get slaves to make your over priced product and get idiots to buy it

MyVoice 1 months

Apple wants to use the cheap labour in India and China and knows the bad malpractices there but continues to use them instead of bringing manufacturing back to the usa. It only kicks up a fuss when media highlights bad experience.

Indo 1 months

Won't be the first time chump change hit their waters.

Srinivas 1 months

Shows what was happening all this time. finally law is catching up.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 months

This is the same company that also uses Chinese slave labor right?

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