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New COVID-19 strain spreads more quickly, UK medical chief says

New COVID-19 strain spreads more quickly, UK medical chief says

England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warned against a new strain of COVID-19 identified in the country that can spread more quickly. Whitty said that based on preliminary modelling data and rapidly rising incidence rates in the south of England, a virus advisory group thinks the new strain can spread far quicker. There is no evidence that the new strain causes a higher mortality rate.

AW1990 1 months

Is all the sanitizing and quarantine making covid evolve into asuper virus?... the is like the 3rd or 4th More intense stand reported in the past few months.

Chris 1 months

The virus covid19 'original' is a super-spreader as is its family in the flu and the common cold. New strains have been appearing every year with the flu every bit as super a spreader as the apparent new strain. I was immediately put off by the announcement of the new covid19 strain being up to 70 times more a 'spreader' than its original. This to me had to be an utterly false claim. If we look at the first wave in UK it took barely more than two months to soar to case levels during the rise and fall of the then concentration on deaths. Seventy times more efficient a spreader would mean the same spread with the new strain would happen in just 1.2 days! This is just to show perspective on that gov claim. That approx two month first wave period was indeed a super speed spread. They used the "up to" 70 to cover later accusations for false information but still know the effect of that "70" will have on an awful lot of people. The real 'speed' of the virus is certainly way, way lower but too insignificant and wouldnt strike alarm on the people. Notice the address, the entire narrative was a very thinly disguised advert to go get your vaccine because despite the limited roll out the gov knows its actual take up is and looks poor. This is not surprising that a recent poll showed that the commonest reason for not wanting the vaccine is because it has no record at all as yet beyond a very few montgs testing and therefore has no possible credible record for even mid range adverse effects or efficacy let alone long term efficacy. Time trials are just that and can not be shortened! On top of that our gov (and others) have relied on the 'word' of the vaccine developers while at the same time indemnifying the producers of these untested vaccines so they cant be prosecuted for adverse affects claims but instead the gov will pay. Talk about being given carte blanche to cut all corners in development. It is clear the most vulnerable in society are also the ones who are the most likely to suffer the most serious of adverse effect yet this untested vaccine is being aimed at these folk first. My mother is 99 and for her safety and well being I do not want her to have this vaccine because I care so much about her and it IS very clear that if she is visited by NHS reps and I am not there on the moment, they will NOT tell her about the risks involved clearly because they are advocates and not likely to give her any time to think about it perhaps either. There is so much wrong about the development, the testing, the narrative from gov throughout the crisis so manipulative and now quite suddenly and conveniently there is this new strains (they happen all the time by the month, by the year!) and try to make it look scary to boost the fear and cut Christmas and talk of no let up on lockdowns until . . . . . you take the vaccine and are so feared, confused, depressed with this apocalyptic feeling that you will develop the mindset of taking the vaccine, not on a considered rational approach but rather to take it to get your normal life back. It is nothing but a blackmail threat. Take the vaccine or we continue the lockdown even to the extent of destroying a mass of industry, businesses and jobs from lockdowns into next year and through beyond spring. Both the lockdowns and brexit by them will see the destruction to peoples personal security; jobs, reposessions, homelessness will be gone for many unless you take the vaccine. If successful this will occur every time with every strain of flu and covid seasonally indefinitely. Freedom of choice WILL be taken away on a nation that wont put up any resistance by later next year.

That Guy
That Guy 1 months

Can the “vaccine” handle all these new strains? If not, how many total shots beyond just two will be needed until you’re in compliance?

Rocket 1 months

Don't look now... Just more FEAR-MONGERING by CORRUPT CLOWNS. According to these so-called "experts" that have KILLED PEOPLE & BUSINESSES alike, this virus can tell if you're indoors or outdoors, whether you are standing or sitting, and can also tell time! What a bunch of Leftist, FEAR-MONGERING CLOWNS!!!

IvoryDove 1 months

Thank you China.... Who is either lying about their own infection rate, already had the vaccine prior to its release, or both.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 months

Get ready for endless lockdown

Dan 1 months

Viruses can't be spread but poisons and biological weapons can be.

FactCheckerNeil 1 months

Oh goddamnit That's where I live!

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