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Video leak shows Boston police officer suggesting to hit protesters with a car

Video leak shows Boston police officer suggesting to hit protesters with a car

A George Floyd protest video leaked on Friday which showed the Boston police and prosecutors ’pushing protesters, pepper-spraying crowds and one of the officers talking about hitting protesters with a police vehicle.’ This video was captured on June 1 during a demonstration in Boston. In a statement, Police Commissioner William Gross revealed that he has ordered for an investigation into the same.

John 1 months

Is there any video footage of the ‘protestors’ looting, robbing, blocking roads, killing people and/or disrupting & harassing diners? Asking for a friend.

WWIII 1 months

They should also use bean bag shotguns and water cannons, if force is needed to stop protesters then they are no longer peaceful protests and are not protected by the constitution and have gone to criminal status, therefore they get why they deserve and don’t make a difference for their cause

Trevelyn 1 months

How stupid is this article . Rioters not protesters do worse than the police Yet everyone of the Mainstream want to be news outlets claim PEACEFUL PROTESTORS . A cop pushes a man with a knife .It's police brutality .Why don't all of you shut the hell up .You all are 25% of the problem .

Aaron 1 months

Yes. Because responding to protests in Boston with violence has never once turned out poorly for the ones in power.

PhilNye 1 months

This is what we get as “policing” ? It’s just disgusting. Protect and serve doesn’t just apply to the people who you agree with politically.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 months

I mean, if I was in that situation as an officer dealing with this crap... I to would blow steam and maybe say it would be better to run them over with my cruiser... seriously these rioters are crazy... now whether there was intention or not is the true fact in this case..

francisco 1 months

So many angry chuds in here. Its like they hunt for post about police to say something stupid or advocate for violence in. Very cool 👍

Lisa 1 months

Why do peaceful protests get attacked while violent looters and thieves and arsonists get labeled as 'mostky' peaceful protests while the cops look the other way? Are they afraid of getting hurt or killed? Do they quit bothering when the criminals they arrest get let out scott-free with no charges anyway?

Rocket 1 months

Right, the "peaceful" protestors💩, that assault and harass innocent bystanders.

Barry 1 months

The police are just another street gang. The only difference is it's taxpayer funded

Meyer 1 months

Good, I hope they do it again.

Ethan 1 months

Good I hope they beat them like hippies

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