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Minnesota state Sen. Jerry Relph dead from COVID-19 complications

Minnesota state Sen. Jerry Relph dead from COVID-19 complications

Minnesota State GOP Sen. Jerry Relph has died due to complications from COVID-19. Relph, 76, contracted the virus at a Republican Caucus meeting on Nov. 5, where other senators were also infected. He began quarantining on Nov. 10 and started seeing symptoms three days later. Relph began serving in the Minnesota Senate in 2017 and represented the 14th district that includes St. Cloud.

I matters
I matters 1 months

Covid 19 isn't a hoax, it just heavily over publicized to enforce an agenda you will unfortunately regret one day.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

Feel bad for the fam but that's what happens when you listen to R€tards in office who aren't doctors or medical professionals. Good ol trump got this man killed. It's all good republicans it's just a hoax right 🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕

Michael 1 months

Dang, it sucks that when you are sick it can take over a month to kill you. Imagine being isolated from your family while you suffer for a month until you die? Anti-Vaxxers and anti-maskers disgust me.

William 1 months

Incoming comments feigning sympathy while also pushing Covid is deadly, wear a mask, general Libtard agenda. Feel bad.

Ellen 1 months

Some of the comments in this article perfectly highlight the pathetic censorship of NewsVoice. While they censor me for using, say, an expletive they happily ignore hateful comments about this man’s death. My view is no censorship. Let me see the hateful comments. But also don’t treat me as a child and stop expletives or insults that are sometimes appropriate.

Delterra 1 months

Nothing even remotely news worthy here. We new at least a few republican figures would die given their attitude towards the pandemic. It's a tragedy but that's what happens when you follow an unhealthy cult mentality

MrLoseddos 1 months

All you people gloating in the comments over someone dying can go to hëll. Rip!

Billy 1 months

How many GOP members does this make to die or just get the Corona virus? But I don't feel sorry for them. The sad thing is that the rest of them still won't wear a mask.

Omega 1 months

Perhaps they did contact tracing on him, but I don't believe with so many infected with covid-19 in this country that they could definitively say he got it at the Republican event. I'm not partisan myself. I just find the leap of faith in the story excerpt that he contracted it at the event somewhat questionable.

jennifer 1 months

Did everyone hear that the white house security chief had part of his leg amputated due to covid complications? And I just read that in the UK they're locking down again because of a serious mutation in the virus that allows it to transmit faster. This is the nature of viruses. They mutate. The whole world should have been prepared for it. The scientists probably saw it coming but they're slow moving creatures; they hesitate to disclose information until they've analyzed it for 10yrs.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 months

Sad to see the petty squabbling here left vs right crap ain't gonna solve anything. The person who is ultimately responsible for this us the late senator. The rest well that's up for debate amongst us. Sadly I doubt it'll b ed a debate just insults and again more of the left vs right bs.

David 1 months

Well he was 76 and more than likely at 76 has some sort of pre existing condition which contributed to the complications.

Jon 1 months

Wasn't it the Republicans telling us to go out and live life like normal no masks everything open? Now you want my sympathy? Gtfo.

Dave 1 months

So much for fake news GOP? What a wonderful legacy for this party.

Richard 1 months

Herd immunity working just as the republicans had intended.

mikezr1000 1 months

I'm sure democrats will see this as a good opening to put one of theirs in the senate.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

Only the dead can be forgiven -William Butler Yeats

Susan 1 months

Actions have consequences.

Change Matters
Change Matters 1 months

Maybe old people shouldn't be politicians during the time of covid

Ty 1 months

"The new hoax" -Some guy that never lies to us

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