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Romney criticizes martial law discussion in Trump’s White House

Romney criticizes martial law discussion in Trump’s White House

Mitt Romney commented on President Trump’s reported flirtation in declaring martial law in battleground states, and appointing a conspiracy theorist as special counsel to assist him in his attempt to overturn defeat by President-elect Joe Biden. Mr. Romney said that the alleged developments were ’really sad’ and ’nutty and loopy’. ’People are wondering what has gotten into this man,’ Romney said.

Tom A
Tom A
Jon 1 months

Not just opinion. Trump says this openly in public cultists, TF are you talking about? Come back to reality for the love of God. ITS OVER. We voted, he lost, and he will leave on Jan 20th. Period.

Aaron 1 months

Sasha# nut job. The fact that the media hasn't reported much on China shows how much China owns and controls. The point that Trump was making is how useless the propaganda arm of the LEFT has become as a real news and information source. The LEFT has destroyed the check and balance aspect of the free press whith a "the end justifies the means " reporting.

judd 1 months

Wanting free and fair elections without fraud, is now called "power grab"? Why not name some of these hypocrite "officials" that turn a blind eye to this massive fraud for the sake of..."power".

Not-Illuminati 1 months

Next time make it only opinion pieces from right wing sources saying that officials are worried about Biden's power grab.

Freddie 1 months

Romney is a Traitor , self centered sore loser , used to think 🤔 highktvif hom until HIS TRUE COLORS SHOWED HIM AS HE TRULY IS A Politician who wiil say ir do anything to get his face on 🎥 What a waste

S 1 months

All election victories are a power grab. Trump won, so he gets the power. Simple as that.

Kendal 1 months

This is what MAGA is... the Fascist Republic Party.

Omega 1 months

Talk about a rambling article! Pretty much useless.

IvoryDove 1 months

Opinion pieces pretending to be news? ~ Journalism 2020

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