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Trump slams Bolton after he calls Flynn’s martial law advice ’appalling’

Trump slams Bolton after he calls Flynn’s martial law advice ’appalling’

Former NSA Michael Flynn is reported to have suggested earlier last week that President Trump could invoke martial law as part of his efforts to overturn the election. Reacting to this, John Bolton, another of Trump’s former NSA’s., blasted the idea of imposing martial law as ’appalling.’ Coming to Flynn’s defense, Trump tweeted calling Bolton ’one of the dumbest people in Washington.’

Gloria 1 months

Trump is so incompetent, corrupt and unfit to be president, it make you wonder why anyone would want this Disaster in the White House. Jan. 20, 2021 can't get here fast enough. This Mess of a president will be out of there, Thank God.

Alan 1 months

So trump hired the dumbest in Washington? Ok but he also hired a traitor and the most corrupt. When will Trumpers learn Thier man is the worst possible for any job ask yourself would you trust him alone with a 15 year old girl? Of course nothe has history of sexual assaults. It's ok to change your mind and see him for what he is.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

Flynm, you will be held accountable...Suggest you lawyer up for state prosecution.

Rafael 1 months

What more proof does America need to realize that trump is a traitor? When is America going to wake up? Trump is working for putin. Putin is using trump to try and destroy America from within, and he's doing a good job at it. America needs to do something about this traitor now before it's too late.

Aaron 1 months

Record 50 year low unemployment claims for minorities and women. U.S. energy independence from OPEC. Record middle East trade deals which will have a positive impacted on peace ,stability , and communications. Brought the U.S. up to be competitive with China ( which the last administration thought impossible). Brought US troops home ( something Polosy b###hed about for year but never did nothing) Gave representation to small businesses who have no union, lobbyist to compete with larger corporations harsh protectionist regulations they push often. Shut down travel early in the pandemic back when democrats called him racist, and said everyone needs to go to China town. Brought in the nation's top infectious diseases specialist and gave them a national platform to advise the country's citizens. Pushed operation warp speed to combat a biological attack with vaccines. Pushed to protect U.S. workers from illegal immigrants who entered this country to pillage this economy for personal gain. Fixed the horrible trade NAFTA which put many US worker and businesses out of commission. Pardoned many people from incarceration who victims of racism. Drained some of the swamp by exposing government corruption and spying in our political and bureaucracy sectors as well the use of FISA to spy on citizens. Exposed the LEFT for what and how dangerous they are to our freedoms and liberties by making their heads spin around. ........and many more.

Dorien 1 months

Trump really has lost all sense of reality. It’s time for a straight jacket. He is very dangerous in this state. Let the Senate open it’s eyes. The GOP is never going to recover is this goes terribly wrong!

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 1 months

Martial Law=FAKE NEWS. Why wont the radical CCP media take it straight from horses mouth? Although if mass fraud is now proven in POTUS election -the Insurection Act applies and has been used many times before. Its not martial law but it does engage the military. Should be applied here soon if judges keep refusing to hear merits of case because of standing. According to judges NO ONE has standing. Its a legal travesty.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

Flynn better lawyer up. His federal lawbreaker pardon does not insulate him from state laws.

caillustration 1 months

Something does need to be done to address the widespread election fraud that happened in the 2020 election. I'm shocked that more Americans aren't concerned about this.

Judy 1 months

I would say Trump definitely got this one right whatever one might say about him on other matters!!

Julian 1 months

It’s no coincidence that ever since the leftist hordes invaded this app that NewsVoice has been censoring and blacklisting comments

CanadaIsAlreadyGreat 1 months

The Republicans have betrayed the American people - how is it that so many of Trump's supporters will not recognize that they are fucking up backing up a pack of traitors? LOCK THEM UP!

IIzard 1 months

Lol. You can't impose martial law it interfere with an election

Aleks 1 months

I want to hear trumpets defend this one

Tabi's 1 months

Treason and Sedition are both serious crimes. This man needs to be put away.

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 1 months

Drumpf's Fascism

Mutatis 1 months

After reading the articles and the sourced tweets, like “Martial law = Fake News”, it appears Trump was upset because he felt Bolton implied he might enact martial law as President. Basically, Trump thought he was being personally attacked and followed through with his usual response, which is to lash back with a more overt personal attack.

Mimi 1 months

Ohhh is this a pro-trump news site? What another waste if that is true

Mimi 1 months

Just because Trump says it really loudly, doesn’t make his claims any less a bunch of lies

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

Wait the guy that lives war doesn't like the idea of martial law?

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