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Jennifer Granholm expresses hope about fighting climate change in Biden admin

Jennifer Granholm expresses hope about fighting climate change in Biden admin

Jennifer Granholm, the former Governor of Michigan said on Sunday that President-elect Joe Biden is hoping to take advantage of the ’economic opportunity’ of combating climate change. Ms. Granholm is Mr. Biden’s nominee for Energy secretary. News of Ms. Granholm’s nomination was welcomed by climate activists, and experts said they were glad Mr. Biden listened to climate justice activists.

Tom A
Tom A
Milkshake 1 months

~30 companies are responsible for 90% of pollution, she and her ilk won't fight anything, especially not the Chinese companies since Biden's cabinet is filled with pro-Chinese rats who betrayed both Philippines and South Korea and the mutual protection act multiple times in their history to the benefit of China. They'll instead whine about the 10% which achieves nothing and treat it as a smokescreen. Yet another incompetent worthless yap staining a mic with nothing but fart.

Jeff 1 months

There isn't any legislation that will prevent hurricanes, floods, and fires. It's all a farce. It's not climate change, it's human change. American Indians never lived on the coastline. Why? Because the first hurricane wiped out their teepee Village and they never lived on the coastline ever since. You're not supposed to be living on the coastline. The only reason people's homes are burning down in California is because they build neighborhood Without fire hydrants. There is no surprise that there's floods when humans plow down all the dirt and trees and they put pavement there and the water has nowhere to go except to be directed into one little area that overflows and floods everything. Humans need to change to the climate not the other way around. You can't change the planet.. stop living on a coastline stop phone down all the trees in the grass and putting pavement and stop building neighborhood Without fire hydrants. There are several ancient civilizations that they say did not survive because of climate change. So you want to tell me that five thousand years ago they were burning fossil fuels? No, it's because they failed to adapt and overcome the climate. If it stops raining in the area and your crops can't grow, you need to move. You don't write legislation that hope it changes the climate.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

The country with the worst pollution has Biden in their pocket. I doubt you really have anything to look forward to in regards to climate change

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 months

Remember everything Obama's "hope" achieved?

porcus 1 months

Funny way of spelling "implement communism".

Alan 1 months

It's about time the US started being an adult about climate change instead of the nappy wearing idiot it has been for four years.

IvoryDove 1 months

Never let a crisis go to waste..... And if there isn't a crisis, make one up.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

Climate Justice Activists. Just let that sink in for a moment!

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