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Belgium and Netherlands ban flights from UK over COVID variant

Belgium and Netherlands ban flights from UK over COVID variant

In order to prevent the spread of a more infectious variant of the coronavirus, a number of European nations have banned or are planning on imposing a ban on travel from the United Kingdom. The Netherlands and Belgium announced that they had halted flights, and Italy is likely to follow suit. Trains to Belgium have also been suspended in light of the emergence of the new variant.

Bizzy 1 months

Meanwhile in the US our dear leader is talking about OPENING travel with the UK. The suffering is starting to feel like it's deliberate now.

Donald 1 months

Lol and people think a vaccine can help 😅😅😅

Doug 1 months

Yet Boris wants to ban Christmas, while at the same time, allowing any boat migrant or airline flight into the country. Kind of a strange lockdown.

Chad 1 months

It makes sense that the virus would change to be more infectious. It also makes sense that it would change to be less harmful. Article doesn't give any details on fatalities from new strain.

Unity.Nat 1 months

The fact the headline has a typo is unacceptable

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