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Rocket attack at US Embassy in Baghdad causes ’minor damage’ to compound

Rocket attack at US Embassy in Baghdad causes ’minor damage’ to compound

The US embassy in the Baghdad Green Zone was targeted in a rocket attack on Sunday, Iraqi officials confirmed. Eight rockets were fired at the heavily fortified area, with at least one Iraqi soldier injured when a rocket landed near an Iraqi security checkpoint. The US embassy said minor damage was caused to the embassy compound but that there were no injuries or casualties.

michael 1 months

Jan 5 2020, Iraq parliament passes non binding resolution to seek an end to all foreign troops on their soil. Democracy spoke, we should leave. Of course, since Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11, we shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Robert 1 months

If Pompio says it was Iranian backed, then my guess is CIA . HES SUCH A LIER !!

Joseph 1 months

Maybe they should ban rocket launchers. Common sense rocket launcher control, come on man.

Thomas 1 months

so friendly fire? lol

Patty 1 months

Why even have embassies in these god forsaken places

The Lemon
The Lemon 1 months

I wonder which war lord will seek revenge first? Trump or Biden.

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