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Rights groups demand to stop facial recognition at border entry and exit points

Rights groups demand to stop facial recognition at border entry and exit points

A group of over a dozen civil rights organizations, including American Civil Liberties Union, National Immigration Law Center, and Electronic Frontier Foundation, have objected to the Customs and Border Protection’s plan to expand use of facial recognition at border entry-exit points. ACLU said it would push the US on an ’extraordinarily dangerous path toward the normalization of surveillance.’

C 1 months

All countries deserve to know exactly who comes in their country using any peaceful means they determine necessary. although these machines have made mistakes and errors at times they're very reliable and can catch criminals and terrorists before they're even noticed. anyone who would think that they're not needed is part of the criminal organization and part of the problem

C 1 months

Some left-wing activist wacko decided to make up his own story and then to use links that have nothing to do with his own made-up story because there's only one of those links. This site doesn't use stories with only one link, this shall be considered propaganda

Masha 1 months

What is this mess of an article ? Title doesn't match at all with the sole link provided. Now that's some patheticly low standards.

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 1 months

As a person that travels a lot, and lived in 5 different countries, I don't care much. If you enter legally with nothing to hide to do your business why would you be afraid? Unless you want to do some covertly or subversive stuff in a foreign country. These are laws to protect innocent from people that are not necessarily you, people that actually would hurt others or do illegal things. People complain about their own rights, but never mention their duties in society, which are to follow the law to respect the rights of their cohorts.

TJ 1 months

Rotsa ruck getting surveillance eliminated. As the population gets higher and the technology more advanced, it is inevitable that elevated scrutiny takes precedence over privacy.

Montgomery 1 months

1st they face scan everyone entering the country. Then they face scan everyone in the country Then they slowly start implementing china equivalent laws Its only 150 years since we got rid of monarchies, and they have always been looking for a way back. This can very easily turn into a frog in hot water scenario... better to stop at the beginning.

IvoryDove 1 months

Russian and Chinese agents shouldn't be able to slip in through the front door without being identified and tailed.

Trevelyn 1 months

We do not have enough ANTIFA and BLM terrorist in this country .We need to let in Mexican cartels and radical muslim terrorist .I guess things are just to quiet at Walmart .

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