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Grace Millane killer raped another British tourist months earlier

Grace Millane killer raped another British tourist months earlier

The man accused of killing British backpacker Grace Millane in New Zealand had raped another British tourist just months earlier. This was revealed Tuesday after New Zealand’s supreme court removed an order keeping hidden the name of the killer, Jesse Kempson. Kempson also faced eight further charges of sexual and other violence against his girlfriend.

Charlie 1 months

Which is why people who report assault need to be treated with care and respect and allowed to keep their dignity. They’ve already been physically and psychologically violated. Fear of more harm stops them from coming forward (and who can blame them?), so they stay silent and the abuser keeps going.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 1 months

This reminds me of my favourite pickup line! Lets not turn this rape into a murder 😘

Indo 1 months

We seriously need a VR system for freakies to get relief from their absurd sexual tensions. On w who wants to be the next billionaire !?

Billy 1 months

The death penalty is way too soft for this monster. Prison has a certain way of curing animals like him, I mean killing.......

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