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Clyburn seeks CDC, HHS documents on Trump administration Covid response

Clyburn seeks CDC, HHS documents on Trump administration Covid response

Rep. Clyburn, chairman of a special House subcommittee, issued subpoenas to compel HHS Secretary Alex Azar and CDC Director Dr. Redfield to produce documents related to the agencies’ COVID-19 response. Clyburn alleges that earlier this year the Trump admin attempted to alter or block at least 13 scientific reports related to the virus. Rep. Steve Scalise said the subpoenas are ’just for show.’

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 months

How nice it must be to be firmly nestled in your confirmation bias that a cypher "won" the election. The media overlords have done a helluva job selling the narrative. 🤡🌎

O'Brien 1 months

It’s a fantasy of disturbing proportions that any Democrat would seriously believe anyone is going to “move on”. 50% of Americans believe this election was stolen including 30% Democrats, a fact that can only conclude half the country no longer have a belief in democracy. The fact the evidence of fraud and irregularities will not be heard or examined in a transparent legitimate manner dictates this belief will only get worse. Pat Robertson is representative of a handful of deluded fantasists who are shortly going to be very disappointed and angry no matter what the outcome.

JustMy.02 1 months

Pat Robertson should lay off the tanning bed. You’re dark enough Pat.

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 1 months

Seriously, who?

LoveMyCats 1 months

Should say the same to his supporters. You can always try again next election

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