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Johnson holds executive meeting over call from countries around travel ban

Johnson holds executive meeting over call from countries around travel ban

British PM Boris Johnson met with his ministers Monday amid chaos over travel bans enacted countries barring travelers from the UK because of a new strain of the coronavirus. Johnson called a meeting with senior government ministers to discuss the flow of freight in and out of Britain. Johnson spoke with French President Macron over the ban, which caused a dire situation around the port in Dover.

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 1 months

You can ban people from moving out of London. But when a ban is placed on him from other countries a emergency meeting is held... hypocrisy

Chris 1 months

What an incredibly idiotic thing to do in making an announcement that one of many strains of the virus was down to our wonderful researchers overlooking the fact that new strains have eeking from the virus many months ago and clearly not understood by Whitty et al, apparently! As a result of an unworthy and frankly irrelevant data, the PREDICTABLE response of countries not just EU is to shut the doors on movement and then as ever, Johnson comes back to address the nation as a self percieved hero saying he'll right THEIR wrondoing as lorry drivers "apparently" stay forever alone in their cabs and never meet people. This is the LEADER (lol) of the UK. Dogs with more intelligence get put down. At least remove this world renowned embarrassment and his cabinet from office. The gov cabinet IS the greatest peacetime threat to the UK has ever had, not the virus, and what do we do with cancerous tissue? In any real emergency to the nation there should always be an energency coalition put in place for the obvious reason of levelling or neutraling political agenda, which by now no person in the UK can deny is out of control in mid process of destroying everyones lives, livings, business, industry. What does it still have to take to realize we have a rogue government on our hands!!

Indo 1 months

And another first, Brits not on wanted lists.

michael 1 months

Quarantine means quarantine. Countries should definitely help the UK, but not by allowing this crap to spread.

America 1 months

Lab assistant: "Look doctor I found a mutated form of coronavirus" Doctor: "Quick alert the press. Headline: New deadlier form of coronavirus?!?!?!" Mr. Burns: Boris:

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