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Critics slam WaPo cartoon depicting GOP lawmakers as rats

Critics slam WaPo cartoon depicting GOP lawmakers as rats

Washington Post has come under criticism for publishing an editorial cartoon that depicted Republicans as ’rats.’ ’All of the state attorneys general and US Congress members who collaborated with President Trump in his attempt to subvert the Constitution and stay in office,’ the Post’s editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes wrote at the top. Critics likened the drawing to ’anti-semitic Nazi propaganda.’

O'Brien 1 months

Nice. Classy. Definitely up to Wapo standards with a nod to Der Ewige Jude. I just wonder if they even consider that this uncivilized dehumanizing behavior is entirely routine in the lead up to conflict, in fact devaluing the humanness of your adversary is a requirement when convincing people with the normal injunctions against taking life to kill for you. And it’s always rats for some reason. These guys aren’t ignorant of history. They know what they’re doing. But like all miscreants they just think they’ll never have to answer for it.

Mutatis 1 months

As long as everyone can be depicted in such a way, then I see no issue. Though drawing your opponents as rats is unlikely to help with future relations.

Randall 1 months

Isn't this considered "Freedom of Speech"?

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