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Rudy distances Trump from Sidney Powell

Rudy distances Trump from Sidney Powell

Rudy Giuliani attempted to put some distance Monday between President Trump and his legal team and former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell. Giuliani’s disavowal of Powell comes amid reports that Powell met with Trump at the White House for the third time in the past four days. Giuliani stressed that Powell was not part of Trump’s legal team and ’does not speak for the president.’

Darrell Vermilion
Darrell Vermilion 1 months

You wanted to uncritically post a biased Daily Beast article as "news" but there were no other relevant links that related to the actual story, so you just spammed 2 other unrelated links? Newsvoice: you might wanna get on this, because I see it a lot and it's undermining the entire purpose of the platform.

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 1 months

Well folks it looks like there is some infighting in the Trump legal team. #!WINNING! I think certain people are out because they're not willing to be crazy enough on TV. Note that I avoided making any disparaging remarks about the mentally ill or unstable, I even failed to identify which one of them, or two, or three are mentally ill and/or unstable.

Ron 1 months

I'm confused. There are so many mixed messages about the election. I think there was cheating with the vote. Why doesn't Barr give a reason for not going forward with an investigation. Now I read that the Supreme Court is compramized because John Roberts is being blackmailed by unknown sources.

Billy 1 months

How unorganized is Trump? First Sydney Powell was on his legal team and then she started talking crazy talk and they kicked her out. Then she meets with Trump three times in a week but Rudy is now saying that she's gone again. Could you imagine having to deal with that mess every day?

Charlie 1 months

You know you’re a nut when you’re too whacked out for a group of raging conspiracy theorists.

TheDadJokeGuy 1 months

Can we just, like, get everyone out of government and start again? I think these ones are getting defective early.

Raspberries 1 months

"Hey! Get away from there! That's my money pot!", said Rudy as Powell shook Beloved Leader's hand.

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