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As COVID rages on, California searches for more nurses and doctors

As COVID rages on, California searches for more nurses and doctors

A large part of the state of California has exhausted its ability to staff intensive care beds, and the most populated state of the US is desperately searching for 3,000 temporary medical workers to meet demand. Foreign partners Australia and Taiwan have been approached by state officials amid a shortage of temporary medical workers in the U.S., particularly nurses trained in critical care.

Matt 1 months

Abandon California. There is nothing good happening, and the best way to recover is to drop the population concentration to lower property values and incentivize new money. They want to hate the wealthy, but all those entry level immigrants are not helping your economy. The labor pool is poor, the public goods are shaky (power, water, social services, education). The amount of money flowing through the consumer is low compared to the population. Balance feel good empathy for foreigners with empathy for your own countryman. Stop diluting your services with people that, in sum, are a net loss to your systems. It's a bitter pill, but CA needs to take it.

Seekster 1 months

California searches for more (insert nearly every useful profession here).

America 1 months

Commiefornia, you don't say?! Almost like years of horrible policy and pandering to the extremes doesn't pay off for the hard working taxpayers. Elon musk left, Oracle left, daily wire left, might as well be a proxy govt for China at this point.

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