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Ilhan Omar criticizes lawmakers for getting Covid vaccine before needy

Ilhan Omar criticizes lawmakers for getting Covid vaccine before needy

Rep. Omar criticized lawmakers for being vaccinated before frontline workers, the elderly, and other high-risk groups. Omar, who lost her father due to COVID-19 complications, said it was ’disturbing to see members be first to get the vaccine’, despite a shortage of supply. She added that it was ’shameful’ that lawmakers were receiving the vaccine not because of their age, but their importance.

Matt 1 months

I actually disagree with her simply because I would prefer to have any unforeseen side effects show up in the elites first

Met Man
Met Man 1 months

They do this to show people it is safe to use. There are too many morons out there claiming the vaccine is unsafe and other nonsense. It shows good leadership to take the vaccine first.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 months

I typically agree with Ilhan but am torn on this one—yes, frontline workers should absolutely get the vaccine before privileged politicians. However, if said politician is doing it to demonstrate to the public that the vaccine is safe then that is what a good leader does.

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 1 months

There is more than enough vaccine doses, right? So this is all a game of PR, scoring cheap political points in the eyes of the public. So, let us see. 1. Do the gov officials get to have it first? Yes, you want no disruptions due to them getting sick. 2. Do the frontline personnel get to have it first? Absolutely! 3. Do the elderly or those on risk get to have it first? Yes of course, if the society cares for the elderly! 4. In rep. Omar right? Yes, but there is enough shots for everyone, so it is purely theoretical... So, what's the fuss?

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