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China warship tails US destroyer during ’freedom of navigation’ in disputed sea

China warship tails US destroyer during ’freedom of navigation’ in disputed sea

A Chinese warship shadowed US Navy’s destroyer USS John S McCain as it passed near reefs that Beijing fortified to claim vast swathes of maritime territory in the South China Sea. The US destroyer passed near Chinese military installations on Gaven Reef and Johnson South Reef. China claims over 9/10 of the South China Sea and doesn’t recognize a 2016 international ruling that junked those claims.

Jeff 1 months

China, after getting rich stealing US IP, destroying American manufacturing, and through its slave labor practices, has so much money that they ate building military outposts on top of reefs, and has the largest Navy in the world, us harassing the US Navy since they have infiltrated & bribed US corporations and the Democrat Communist Party, both if which say nothing bad about China just as long as they continue to receive millions, selling out America, who don't know what is going on from a biased lying media that are simply Democrat Communist Party political action committees whose sole purpose is to continue the scam with China.

Randall 1 months

I wonder how we would feel about China floating around in the Golf of Mexico or off the East or West coast? Or all three at the same time? As long as they stay in international waters I'm sure we would be fine with it./sarc

Seekster 1 months

By all means tail away. We want you to know that the South China Sea is international waters except for a few miles off the coastline.

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