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Biden vows to respond to suspected Russian cyberattacks

Biden vows to respond to suspected Russian cyberattacks

President-elect Joe Biden promised a forceful response to the suspected Russian cyberattacks. However, he declined to elaborate, saying he didn’t want reveal options for the adversary. Biden also slammed President Trump for not prioritizing cybersecurity and said digital threats were among the biggest issues the US faces today. He said the White House must acknowledge Russian hand in the attacks.

Jeff 1 months

Biden will demand Moscow to place his son Hunter on an energy board paying him $180,000 a month of which Joe, the "Big Guy" gets 10% Joe is so hard on Russia, how are they able to withstand his wrath?

Shmee 1 months

and he was 100% certain it wasn't China...

Tj 1 months

Pretty much anyone that opposes the US responding to foreign cyber attacks are part of a disinformation campaign to persuade the ignorant.

Ruain 1 months

Not even in office and he wants to start a war... great

Aleks 1 months

Go kick the Ruski in the bullocks

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 months

"C'mon man!" is a response, I guess.

cledge fenrir
cledge fenrir 1 months

The current photo .makes Joe look like Jeff Dunham's character Walter. I'll never be able to unsee it

Lisa 1 months

He thinks he's fighting global warming.

Jeff 1 months

First, he has to get approval from Beijing.

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