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$2M fine imposed on farm company after 2 workers die of coronavirus

$2M fine imposed on farm company after 2 workers die of coronavirus

An agriculture company in Washington state was imposed a fine of $2M for repeatedly violating COVID safety procedures. Two workers at the company died due to COVID-19. Joel Sacks, the director of state Department of Labor & Industries said that it is ’unacceptable to choose to ignore’ health and safety rules. Both the deceased are migrants workers, with one from Mexico and the other from Jamaica.

Tom A
Tom A
808HIvibes 1 months

So when are we going to blow up Tyson for betting on worker deaths and forcing workers to keep working while sick!?

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

Looking forward for that lawsuit where the prosecution has to prove they contracted COVID on that farm...

Jeff 1 months

The fine is bogus based on assumptions. If what the authorities say is true, then that violation would have been criminal neglect or willful homicide. That conviction would be needed first before a fine imposed. If the State cared so much about people, then they would have shut them down just as they did with restaurants. By invoking "rules" shows the State's own neglect in protecting workers. The State is therefore responsible for the deaths.

Rocky 1 months

Absolutely ridicul0us. This is not morally or legally right. Unbelievable. Will we start sueing companies when we get the flu? How about other strains of covid like in the common cold? What an asinine precedent.

Wyatt 1 months

Well, I was about to defend the farm, until I read that they had split up and moved workers between cabins. They know a pandemic is on, and should have been planning accordingly.

Cole. 1 months

Thats outrageous. How can you expect me to sit here and believe thats justified?

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