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Attackers kill over 100 in latest Ethiopia massacre

Attackers kill over 100 in latest Ethiopia massacre

Over 100 villagers have been killed by unknown attackers in Ethiopia’s Benishangul-Gumuz region, the country’s human rights panel has said. The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said the pre-dawn attack took place in the village of Bekoji, which is in an area home to multiple ethnic groups. The region has witnessed at least four deadly attacks since September, including one on a bus killing 34.

Montgomery 1 months

Where are all my blm activists? They recieved billions in the last few months but are mute when actual innocent black people are killed? Sounds like they don't believe their own message

Angela Clark
Angela Clark 1 months

I’m terrified and trouble by this haneius act of crime against humanity! What is going on in the world that someone or persons have to do this to others!? Ethiopia I’m praying for you & I’m hoping they find the monster or monsters behind this massacre !

Jarl 1 months

This is sickening. What drives someone to want to kill another human being? Why is it so hard to accept everyone for who they are? Why does it seem impossible to live in a world without hate?

Indo 1 months

Population controls come in many ways. Like it or not. Be better if organised than random !?

Supreme 1 months

Without looking bet you the top comment is something related to BLM.

Tom 1 months

Christmas slaughter of Christians

Conundrumb 1 months

Hey, Ethiopia is where Tedros from WHO aided in a genocide.

Jacob 1 months

This is the fourth since September? I really have been out of the loop. This is the first I'm hearing of any of this.

Ariye 1 months

This is horrible. I hope their souls are able to find some sort of peace.

Tom 1 months

So this is just the first Islamic attack the second one was the bomb

GUYIVKS 1 months

"unknown"? Known to follow the same ridiculous ideology since 610AD?

Mohamed 1 months

this hurts my soul. All news outlets should be talking about this

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