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Trump vetoes defense bill, calls it ’unconstitutional’

Trump vetoes defense bill, calls it ’unconstitutional’

President Donald Trump has vetoed a $740 billion defense spending bill, which Congress passed this month. Trump said provisions in the bill, like limiting troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and remove Confederate leaders’ names from military bases, were ’bad policy’ and ’unconstitutional’ and fails to ’respect our veterans and our military’s history.’ The defense bill sets the Pentagon’s policy.

Doug 1 months

Not wanting to bring our troops home from Middle East s**tholes after stationing combat troops there for almost two decades? The Congess members who voted for this are enemies of the people and need to be removed from office at the first possible chance. They are truly evil.

John 1 months

Heaven forbid we draw back on pointless quixotic foreign occupations that only profit the power elite & the military industrial complex. Keep fighting the good fight ‘resistance’.

Doug 1 months

Sadly, but not surprisingly, corporate Democrats wouldn't agree to even a 10% cut in outlandish defense budget. (:-(

Don 1 months

The naming of Military bases with Confederate Officers was done to placate disgruntled Southerners and was a compromise, changing the names of the bases to reflect more recent history is not that big of a deal, for instance changing Bragg to Ridgeway would fall in line with the history of the installation and unless the hand of God can somehow erase all knowledge it would still be known that the base used to be called Bragg.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 months

He doesn't seem to comprehend that means he would be one of the first people on the list social media outlets would ban to protect themselves because he spreads SO MUCH disinformation. More important for him to be able to attack his critics I guess.

Jon 1 months

Nothing in the summary actually has to do with why he vetoed it. The real reason is section 230. Do you cultists not listen to Trump when he speaks in public? I know it's painful because he is completely unintelligible but he specifically mentioned section 230 every single time he talked about vetoing this bill.

James Smith
James Smith 1 months

I agree with him, as far as the thumbnail caption asserts

Sherri 1 months

Trumpist are all about taking care of our vets though, amiright? The mental gymnastics must be excruciatingly painful

CoLpOeSnED 1 months

How is Trump not getting reelected?

D 1 months

That's the Democrat party for you. Send more money to those who want to take down Americans democracy, while the American people get little.

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