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New Covid strain appears to emerge in Nigeria, Africa’s top health official says

New Covid strain appears to emerge in Nigeria, Africa’s top health official says

John Nkengasong, head of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, set alarm bells ringing when he said another new variant of the coronavirus appears to have emerged in Nigeria. However, he added that further study was needed. The variant was found in two patient samples in Nigeria’s Osun State, and seems to be different from the new strains recently found in the UK and South Africa.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 months

The UK, Israel, South Africa, and now Nigeria? 2021 is gonna be another year hell thanks to all the fear mongering.

Daniel 1 months

Is that trumps fault too you liberal clowns 🤡

BananaPhone 1 months

Its all fearmongering Thid is the biggest lie of the century Bill gates got the WHO to change the defention of a pandemic from " a fast spreading and deadly diseas" to " a fast spreading diseas" a few years ago, he was plaining this all a long. Big tech and couruopt goverments are the peoples enemies.

Jay 1 months

It's interesting to me, that on my recent trip to Haiti, there is basically no virus going on down there, or at least it's not very important! There was NOBODY wearing masks outside of the airport, and the hospitals are not overrun with people! Two factors may play into it. One is that there is so much disease there already, that the Haitians must have a really robust immune system to live there. And secondly, the average lifespan is less than 60, so the most vulnerable generation is already gone.

Doug 1 months

All those Nigerian princes fighting to get their vast inheritances have more to deal with now.

Mar10 1 months

So when are we supposed to know what exactly happened? I find it difficult to believe that some guy somewhere ate something and the whole world suffered. Doesn't add up.

Chris 1 months

What annoys me profoundly is that new strains are produced quite regularly and this virus is no different fronm the flu and common cold. China had new strains while we were on our first lockdown and a year on many strains will have occured with covid. Why the sudden concern with this one strain that Johnson seened to imply was a first ever and that its thanks to british science to discover it. Mutations will have been in the minds of all virologists around the world from day one and that mutations occur within months many times over. The very nature of viruses to continue existence is to mutate just as it is our immune system to naturally come into contact with the virus where all of well into the nineties if having no significant symptoms or even asymptomatic without symptoms so that our immune system is updated in recognition of this variant in the covid family. We get updated and by doing so strengthen the herd immunity so that the most vulnerable folk are kept at a saf'er' level of protection in society, i.e. so that the incidence of severe and fatalities are at the minimum levels. The lockdowns as can be seen by the timeline graphs on deaths clearly show that lockdowns improve the logistical landscape so actually enables the virus easier access to those with pre-existing health conditions in the family at home for vastly increased periods of time and so producing the exceptionally high death count. The straight steep trajectory on the graph showed that lockdown had no effect in controlling spread to give us those fatalities. Furthermore, the deaths after peak fell steady in an equally straight but shallower line completely down to normal co morbidity levels, i.e. absolutely normal death levels for the UK that meet the aversge for the last five years showing the virus was playing itself out. To further support this state is that during the period when first lockdown was lifted for the following nine weeks when we could freely shop, go in cafes and pubs, the death rate remained at normal comorbidity level throughout thereby confirming that an excess of deaths were being 'caused' by lockdown to a massive degree! Because residents in care homes are in a permanently simulated lockdown and were sitting targets too is what brought forward deaths (close to half of deaths in the first lockdown, this meant that those poor souls who would normally die spread across the next decade or so were effectively all brought forward to this one year. It wasn't until out gov started imposing lockdown in towns and districts after our two month free period that the deaths edged above the comorbidity level and when the tiers system and then the month blanket lockdown the rate of fatalities soared into hundreds per day and as this level of severe lockdown is continued so too will the death rate and total increase until sufficient herd immunity will develop. We can reasonably expect that applying ever more severe lockdowns will increase deaths that have the potential to match that of the first lockdown based on whats gone before. Therefore at some point will fall off naturally as we get towards a substantial national herd immunity. However the hypersize mistake is failing to specifically aim isolation protection, to ONLY the vulnerable across all ages. Notifying all folk with health conditions via our GPs records and local council logistical teams as well as the elderly and of those who worked to be furloughed while the huge mass of our population was still at work to gain herd immunity and businesses and industry to remain operational throughout and the NHS not overwhelmed, regular patients being seen as usual and the economy intact. The definition of idiocy is not making a mistake but is to repeat that mistake in the hope of bringing a different result! That is where we are right now ongoing, a nation truly running on a foundation of idiocy!

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Thus covid 19 there will be a 20,21,22,23,....... can't lockdown and shut down healthy ppl every time a flu pops up. WAKE UP SHEEPOLE

Randall 1 months

The greater the number of people infected the greater the chances of viral mutation.

Martin 1 months

I think the millions of Nigerians living in absolute poverty struggling day to day aren't too worried about this nonsense.

Salvador 1 months


Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 1 months

Whoa whoa , are you saying viruses mutate, fçk who could have seen this happening.

Jeff 1 months

There have been a reported 20,000+ mutations discovered.

Matthew 1 months

I have absolutely no proof of this but I find the timing of these new strains, or the reporting thereof, to be extremely convenient.

Billy 1 months

First China now Africa. The conspiracy theorists are having a party....yay.

Patrick 1 months

A country that has dealt with ebola now worries about a now common cold... lock the whole world down NOW!

Indo 1 months

Dem creepy crawlies get everywhere with their rubbish. Luckily in contained areas.

Radhai ammal
Radhai ammal 1 months

Happy human cleansing day -mother Earth

Skot 1 months

This just in. The cold.

Foshizzle 1 months

So now they'll want to push the UKvid and Afvid vaccines on us.

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