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Republican Senator Ben Sasse calls Trump pardons ’rotten to the core’

Republican Senator Ben Sasse calls Trump pardons ’rotten to the core’

Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) has issued a statement on pardons granted by President Donald Trump, in which he assailed the president using strong words. Sasse said Trump pardoned ’another tranche of felons like Manafort and Stone who flagrantly and repeatedly violated the law and harmed Americans,’ adding, ’This is rotten to the core.’ Some of the pardons faced bipartisan criticism.

chase matthews
chase matthews 1 months

seriously. obama has pardoned way more and no one cared. so stop the double standard bullshit already.

Change Matters
Change Matters 1 months

Pardon Snowden, Ulbricht, Assange, and Manning to watch the swamps heads explode.

Rocky 1 months

What abuse? Where were they when Obama pardoned more than the previous 13 presidents combined? I don't remember this much outrage when he pardoned actually terrorist leaders and murderers. Strange how the media is being so selective with their outrage.🤷🏾‍♂️

Jeff 1 months

Real Clear Politics should be really clear bias... the person who wrote that article totally hates Donald Trump. They are also mistaken and using the word abuse has the US Constitution says the president has the power to pardon. So Trump's pardons a bunch of people so what how is it an abuse? Because they were his friends? Congress just passed $3 trillion bill where 98% of the money goes to their friends. Some guy somewhere in Academia is going to get a million dollars to study diversity among grasshoppers. Another person gets $25 million for a Ocean View Luxury Resort to study the effects of living in an Oceanview Luxury Resort. President Obama is now worth over a hundred million dollars President Bill Clinton is now worth over 350 million dollars president-elect Biden has tens of millions of dollars and they're all public servants that received all their money from their friends from when they were in positions of power given their friends 10000 times more than money than they received. Trump pardoning his friends is normal and nothing to do with abuse since the entire Washington DC establishment is a giant swamp of corruption lies and bigotry. The author who wrote this article is abusing their position of power in so-called "journalism" which really doesn't exist anymore; it is all political activism.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 months

I love the BUT OBAAAAMMAAA!!! Argument. Trump’s pardons are far sleazier and justifying abhorrent actions for him because you think someone else committed abhorrent actions is avoiding the responsible move of actually holding the offender accountable. If his sycophants actually did this far less of sh!t like this would occur. He acts like a child who has parents that allow terrible behavior and he knows will never hold him accountable for his actions. It’s OK, sycophants, give him his lollipop in the form of continued support and donations and keep enabling him..I’m sure he will eventually do the right thing!

MIDESSA 1 months

Why is this news everyone knows tRump is rotten to the core. The argument has always been between people who think that's what we need as a leader and those who think we can definatly be better.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 1 months

Didn’t President Clinton pardon actual terrorist? Bomb detonating, Puerto Rican separatist type terrorist that actually killed people? Didn’t he do that to try and improve Hillary’s chances at a New York senate seat? He let convicted murders out. That was him, right?

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 1 months

President Trump should pardon all the non violent cannabis arrested prisoners.

Dana 1 months

The amount of people here ready to defend pardoning child murderers who simultaneously claim to be pro life is heart warming.

Will Miller
Will Miller 1 months

Whoever a president pardons it’s gonna piss someone off.

Vark 1 months

Coming trump, pardon half the people who have been thrown in jail because of kamala s policies. Make her real mad for destroying minority families over weed.

Aaron 1 months

Fake dossier to get FISA warrants to spy on U.S. citizens and attempt to tamper in U.S. elections using the power of bureaucracies? Sound FREE to me, nothing to see here.

Qyonge 1 months

Con-man Trump fooled his base followers, they gain nothing and he gets power. From day 1 this friend of Epstein was compromised to be an insider disguised as an outsider.

Josh 1 months

Sasse is just a swamp ratt that didn't like Trump.

I matters
I matters 1 months

Part of the presidency is the pardon process and every president has done this at their term end.

Toni 1 months

He did not pardon terrorist like Obama did. Your a freakin nut 🥜

Jude 1 months

Can't see why Sass is so upset. These pardons only make it easier for investigators to investigate since pardons cancel 5th ammendment rights of pardoned and judges can serve pardoned with compulsion to testify orders which cover pardoned crimes as well as any other crimes done by others the pardoned witnessed by others.

Qyonge 1 months

Trump! Suppory Anonymous! Snowden! Assange! Oh no right hes a compromised swamp dweller, they got that Epstein blackmail ready to go if he tries

Jon 1 months

The number of pardons is completely moot you cultists. The fact is these pardons were given to people in high places who plead guilty In a court of law and lost their appeals cases.

snarley 1 months

Defending Trump on this is just another way of saying "it's okay when my team breaks the rules. " So as long as you're willing to admit that being a sorry little cheater is your way of life .. I dont see any reason to argue. 😁

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