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Trump criticized by Rep. Debbie Dingell for threatening to not sign relief bill

Trump criticized by Rep. Debbie Dingell for threatening to not sign relief bill

Lawmakers have criticized President Donald Trump for making a last-minute demand to increase the amount of stimulus checks and threatening not to sign the bill. The President on Tuesday urged lawmakers to revise the bill and boost the amount of direct payments from $600 to $2,000. Congress passed the $892 billion relief package on Monday, which would send $600 direct payments to Americans.

Tom A
Tom A
Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

He 100% shouldn't it's filled with pure trash. Should only be getting money to US CITIZENS and that's it. Leftist are pure evil. The bill should be 1 maybe 2 pages at the most.

Foshizzle 1 months

And the bill was over 5,500 pages and given for review to legislators a few hours they had to vote on it. A lot of other counties and special interests are getting billions and the people that need it are getting a measly $600.... Take note democrats, this shows how much your beloved legislators that you voted for actually care about you! This is what Pelosi was drooling about pushing through.

Jay 1 months

How dare he not pass a bill that sends billions to foreign countries while leaving a measly $600 for the citizens!!! How dare he!!!

The Conservative Gaming Channel
The Conservative Gaming Channel 1 months

Not that I want a stimulus check, but that money is for U.S. citizens fallen on hard times due to the plandemic. Stop adding this extra bs that has absolutely bothing to do with helping Americans. Besides we our national debt is already long enough as it is.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 months

What would sign a relief bill that has no relief but a $7500.00 bill for every American citizen? How is a bill considered relief? In what world is handing people that have been put out of work a bill for $7500.00 a relief package?

Jon 1 months

I love how everyvreporr on this males out like the amount of the individual stimulus is the only issue. Such unbiased reporting, so journalism. Wow.

william 1 months

Leftist, Rightist meh? Trump couldn’t care less, he’s giving the finger to his own people

william 1 months

He’s just being a spoiled little rich kid that didn’t get his way, he could care less about people

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 1 months

EVERY SINGLE FUNKER who voted yes to that bill should NEVER "work for the people" again.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

"How dare he want more then scraps for the rabble and riff Raff , my word!" 🧐

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

Coming from the same people who gave over 700 million dollars to Pakistan and Cambodia.

Kevin 1 months

No person in congress read this bill, it shouldn’t be passed. Most people don’t even know what is in it! It even contains funds allocated to the Egyptian military. It’s laughable that our lawmakers in Congress think that $600 is enough for people who have no job and are months behind on their rent. The debt in our country IS a massive problem but if the other unnecessary parts of this bill were removed and allocated towards the people, you would have a smaller spending bill with more money to your average American.

Foshizzle 1 months

She must have some special interest group that she supports which is buried in the 5,500 page bill.

Billy 1 months

Trumps' legacy will go down in history as one of the biggest jokes of our time. What a moron. Does he actually think that most Americans will look back at him as a caring loving human being that did everything he could to better mankind? I think not. To be born a Trump in 2085 might be like being a Noriega was in 1985. The joke will sadly be on him and his love of money and power. I guess I should really pray for him.......hmm.

Jon 1 months

Trump had 9 months to send us 2k. He doesn't care and look at all the brainwashed cultists.

ruben 1 months

How dare he not use that money he stole from military families to build his vanity wall and instead use it on suffering Americans.

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