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Biden says he’s ’unlikely’ to issue order canceling $50,000 in student loan

Biden says he’s ’unlikely’ to issue order canceling $50,000 in student loan

President-elect Joe Biden admitted that it’s ’unlikely’ he will issue an executive order to cancel $50,000 in student debt. Talking to journalists, Biden said, ’It’s arguable that the president may have the executive power to forgive up to $50,000 in student debt,’ adding, ’I’d be unlikely to do that.’ During his campaign, Biden had said he would back wiping off $10,000 in student loan debt.

Charles 1 months

Universities are charging 90k per year to learn through zoom...... I think that’s where we should start.

Josh 1 months

As someone with a large sum of student debt, is rather work and pay it off then have an undeserving handout. What message does that send to those who went to community college rather than taking a risk on a larger loan to go to a higher level of education?

Lucas 1 months

From the article: "During his campaign for president he proposed to “immediately cancel a minimum of $10,000 of student debt per person.” Biden reiterated the need to “immediately” forgive $10,000 in student debt when he introduced Miguel Cardona as his nominee for secretary of education on Wednesday, though Biden framed it as part of a “legislative plan.” " So no, he hasn't lied or gone back on his word. That's been his stance since the start of his campaign. The question in the article is about whether the president themselves has the authority to use executive action to forgive up to 50k in student loan debt. It may be something that has to be left to congress to decide. Here's a link to Biden's full plan for those interested in what their administration is ACTUALLY planning to do with college education and assistance:

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