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Chinese ban on Australian exports backfires as city blackouts ordered

Chinese ban on Australian exports backfires as city blackouts ordered

Cities in China are experiencing a brutal start to winter with new rules imposed on electricity use that include residents and businesses cutting how much power they use. Experts have also observed that China’s decision to inflict ’maximum pain’ on Australia could be backfiring. The dumping of one of Australia’s most valuable trade commodities backfired on China and coal prices have skyrocketed.

Tom A
Tom A
Conundrumb 1 months

And when they want coal again, the price should go up.

Seekster 1 months

Huzzah for Australia. The world should stop supporting the CCP. The Communists are just the current dynasty and they have lost the mandate of heaven.

Howard 1 months

I am super surprised China has yet to have a major revolution against the CCP. It's got to be clear to the people of China their government only cares for control, power, and wealth. I mean the same goes for mine but at least I can say it.

Doug 1 months

The CCP doesn't care about the people. Just themselves. These are the people who brought you The Great Leap Backwards that cost millions their lives. No one stood up against the CCP because the CCP has all the guns. The elites want the same thing for the US.

Pedro 1 months

Mao version 2.0.​ A Chinese must never loose face. Even if means loosing. Soon will be 1950 again! Wait for it!

O'Brien 1 months

Considering the CCP has 300+ more coal fired plants planned I wonder where they plan to get the coal from. Since we (AU) are expanding our coal markets in India who have big requirements in response the to CCP bullying looks like the price will be going up.

Xris Mouta
Xris Mouta 1 months

Suck it CCP. Rather torture your own people to make a point. Shame Shame Shame!

Jeff 1 months

Why is Australia polluting the planet with dirty coal..aren't they an advanced civilization? Why aren't they exporting their clean energy?

James Smith
James Smith 1 months

Hurray for Australia!

170K 1 months

Innocent people caught up in this are the only victims but seeing China get a little taste of comeuppance is oddly satisfying.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 1 months

Don't worry, Beijing will be fine. I'm sure this will only affect the little people.

William 1 months

China just signed a free trade pact with just under a dozen nation's of which Australia was one of those least China showed their true colors early on.... unfortunately I can't imagine what the penalty will be if anyone tries to leave the pact.

Foshizzle 1 months

Give the CCP a new normal and keep the price of coal tripled.

Mpcooner 1 months

The world should agree upon one thing and that is China is a major problem. They are a threat to everyone including their own people. Letting this virus out should have been the final straw to get these politicians to do everything short of war to combat Chinas communist party. The time of the U.S. being friendly is over and both parties should understand this and act accordingly. If they don’t you can bet it’s corruption at play.

Peter 1 months

Anyone supporting China here fuck off and live there

IIzard 1 months

Fk China

Miguel 1 months

While this sucks for the people of China, I love watching their government fail. The CCP (Chinese communist party) is the big evil threat to world peace and freedom today, and they are winning

Hades 1 months

I feel sorry for the chinese citizens. Bad leadership and they have to bleed for it

Ben 1 months

I guess it's easier to ’save face’ in the dark?

Indo 1 months

Funnymen be just what they are. Seems they never fail to paint themselves into a corner, ever !?

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