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Despite virus threat, US plants hope to maintain production

Despite virus threat, US plants hope to maintain production

Factories in the United States have been cranking out goods during much of the pandemic at rates that are remarkably close to normal. Manufacturers have expressed concerns that they might not be in a position to keep pace until most of the country is vaccinated. This is because the coronavirus continues to surge in areas where many plants are based, manufacturers said.

Tom A
Tom A
Doug 1 months

Please fire Newsvoice moderators approving random unrelated links, ban troll accounts posting baloney links - wasting your valuable time and mine! #NewsvoiceFail

Oliver Biscuit
Oliver Biscuit 1 months

Virus threat? Ha what a joke. I just pulled up the government of ontarios covid numbers and did some simple math. 60 and under population vs death. The results 0.000007% chance of death. I'm sure the US and other places aren't that far off.

Aaron 1 months

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6Million$Mansplainer 1 months

Good, no need to wreck the economy again.

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