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Biden calls for Trump to sign COVID-19 economic relief package

Biden calls for Trump to sign COVID-19 economic relief package

President-elect Joe Biden has called on President Trump to sign the bipartisan spending bill that would provide $600 COVID relief checks to most Americans. Trump has demanded the checks be increased to $2,000. ’Millions of families don’t know if they’ll be able to make ends meet because of President Donald Trump’s refusal to sign,’ Biden said in a statement on Saturday.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

Trump continues to block omnibus bill with billions of dollars signed over to causes that have nothing to do with COVID! ... Fixed the headline!

Rocket 1 months

That "Covid Relief" package was literally just Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the CORRUPT SCUM💩💩💩 in Congress trying to get their hundreds of BILLIONS in bribe money laundered through multiple foreign entities. The CORRUPT SCUM promised their State and city Co-conspirators (who locked down healthy people and small businesses in order to force government dependency) that they would be paid-off for screwing over the residents of their cities and States. President Trump exposed these CORRUPT 🤡🤡s and their scheme to DEFRAUD American Taxpayers by using over 60% of the $900 BILLION for foreign entities and ridiculous projects that have NOTHING to do with helping the American Citizens that have been financially destroyed by local Dictators in Democrap-run jurisdictions! And now ALL the American people know how CORRUPT the Clowns are in Congress. 😉

ttocsick 1 months

Doesn't matter what Robinette said president Trump should do, he's the president. Joe isn't gonna be president. (US army raided a CIA facility in Germany November 17th and seized servers related to dominion/smartmatic computers) where the votes were actually tabulated and the totals were skewed by our bureaucratic deep state friends at the CIA. Pentagon just stopped giving Biden campaign further intelligence briefings as you see in a typical transition of power. Executive order 13848 is going to expose and potentially imprison some Democrats with some leadership among them. Media outlets involved with the dems as well as... CHINA!!! Who coincidentally purchased dominion voting systems October 8th of this year through a parent company, less than a month before the election. Dominion isn't owned by a company in Canada or headquartered in Colorado like the tabloids are telling us. The cyber trap was set and those tresonist power hungry democrats took the bait. This is a great time in future history to be alive... "The Constitution prevails!"

Jon 1 months

The bill has 500 million for Israel. Can the cultists come and say they shouldn't get the money. The birthplace of our Lord and savior Jesus! 😱 Le''s find out.

Don 1 months

To put the bill into perspective the National Park Service has an annual budget of 37 million. This is another example of the Republicans and Democrats betraying the country.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 1 months

Remove what have nothing to do whit covid and what is going to other country from it to begin whit. Help yourself THEN help whit IMPORTANT matter of other country if possible. P.s. gender study in Pakistan is not important.

Csaba 1 months

Trump made to look like the bad guy!!!!! Is he?????? We all have to hope, better days are ahead. They should be. Can Biden or Harris continue the prosperity we had prior to the covid???? Will Trump be missed? Is it over???? Is the worst yet to come????

Doug 1 months

Doesn't surprise me at all that Biden is down with all the pork and corruption packed into that greasy relief bill. The Democrat have bills to pay and some of the pork in this bill goes to that.

edwardo 1 months

Who cares what Biden says isnt that clear when trump broke the algorithms. BS we lost a good man to cheating And the other sides just to dumb and stupid to see that and to see the hate for trump was a trend set in play by social media and main stream media. Yet trump still fights for the left citizens to have a fair election for them. they still hate him for keeping the election process fair lol what a country

And Space
And Space 1 months

A President that finally has Americans back and not willing to give our hard working money away is the best Christmas present ever.

Mandraquex3000 1 months

Biden should call for them to throw out the garbage that it's in the omnibus spending bill and actually provide some relief to people! Frak joe Biden

Satan411 1 months

Satan has rigged the system such that there will be massive suffering regardless of which way the vote goes. He laughs that you have all the technology you need to create a true democracy, yet play around on social media instead.

Glen 1 months

The hell with the so called stimulus package. Open everything back up, before you destroy our country.

Shane 1 months

Ah yes orange man must sign and give gender studies to Pakistan. It only cost about 5 billion per country no biggie

Sergio 1 months

NO MORE MONEY for bullshit foreign aid, which is really going into corrupt politicians. just one bill for money to those that need it. If you are employed and making more than 75k you don't need it

OrKos world
OrKos world 1 months

Yeah sign a bill that would give millions or billions away to other countries instead of trying to help americans here at home. How dumb .

Jeff 1 months

Biden, already failing in leadership, does nothing to help Americans relying on Congress's disfunction. If Biden was any kind of leader Nancy Pelosi would already have a straight covid-19 relief bill written to extend unemployment benefits, moratorium on evictions, PPP continuance, money to buy vaccines and testing, and $2K direct payments. Biden had shown what an ineffective absent leader he really is.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

No way it's filled with AMERICA last trash. 25 million gender studies for Pakistan. Here boys have a penis girls have a vagina in the extremely rare case they have both it's a hermaphrodite lesson over. The bill should be 2 to 3 pages tops money for US citizens ONLY, 300 unemployment addition is fair 600 is insane, help for small businesses and restaurants, also how bout ZERO property tax for 2020.

TREBOR 1 months

$600.. really!!

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Has the 'President Elect' read all 5500 pages before endorsing it?

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