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Mass vaccination begins in EU countries

Mass vaccination begins in EU countries

The first shipments of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines were received by countries across the European Union. A healthcare worker from Budapest was the first to get the shot. Europe has seen increasing cases of the coronavirus, and a new, more infectious variant of the coronavirus has been discovered in the United Kingdom, and has spread to Ireland and France, too.

KrahLiivAan 1 months

Im not an antivaxer, but im staying as far away from this as possible.

Martin 1 months

Peer pressure on workers. Where are the trade unions when you need them? Where is the civil liberties? All for a virus that has a 0.025% chance of killing people.

E n
E n 1 months

If you get the opportunity, suck it up and take the shot. Now is not the time for scaremongering and cowardly excuses. The worst thing the vaccines gonna' do is not work.

Joshua 1 months

I'd rather just get coronavirus. My chances of being asymptomatic or barely getting sick are as close to 100% as anything could be. No point for healthy people to get a minimally-tested vaccine if they still "have to wear a mask once vaccinated" anyway.

Pryotra 1 months

I don't even like how these were pushed through, but how is the EU only starting this now? I was helping with a clinic that was setup to distribute the jabs before Christmas here in Texas, and the EU is only starting distribution now?

Max 1 months

This is good news. I can't wait to be out of this.

seera 1 months

The mark of the beast

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