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Polls open in Central African Republic amid unrest

Polls open in Central African Republic amid unrest

Polls opened in Central African Republic (CAR), after a campaign marred by violence between government and rebel forces. Elections opened after the Constitutional Court rejected a bid by opposition candidates to postpone the vote because of the insecurity. President Touadera is seeking a second term in office and has accused his predecessor, François Bozizé, of fomenting a coup with rebels.

Randall 1 months

Seems like the CIA pushing for regime change. We had better get some troops and weapons there quickly. The need for increased war budget is looming. It's called "Manufacturing Consent".

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Wonder if as many dead ppl will vote there as in the USA

BobSpazoid 1 months

Establishment proceeding with voting that they set the rules on despite election insecurity... The political parallelism is astounding.

Montgomery 1 months

Ohhh Africa is going to Africa. Can we send antifa or blm over to help them keep it peaceful?

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